In Which I Shamelessly Admit My Love for The Contender and Seeing People Get the Bejeebies Knocked Out of Them

I normally consider myself above such barbaric tendencies, but I was quite excited when Jesse nearly knocked out and, thus, eliminated Anthony. And when I say excited, I mean jumping-up-and-down-clapping-yelling-at-the-TV excited. Does that make me a bad person? Or does the fact I wanted Anthony to lose because I found it annoying that he constantly talked about his kids make me a bad person?

I guess the previous admission was a two-for-one special as you now know that I indulge weekly in The Contender. Oddly, I don’t like boxing, but I LOVE this show (admittedly less since Joey was eliminated).

Who will win? I’m going with Alfonso or Sergio. Unless, of course, there’s some way that Joey can get back in the game.


Why the Original Iron Chef is Better than Iron Chef America

The original Iron Chef is better because it has theme ingredients like sea cucumber, sea urchin, eel, and freakin’ swallow’s nest.

I’m sorry, but cheese and catfish cannot measure up to these.


Some People’s Kids

From an IMDB user comment on the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”:

I wasn’t expecting Meredith Grey to be the central character.

I repeat, the show is called “GREY’s Anatomy.”

General Random Television


I just saw Penelope Cruz do an impression of Salma Hayek. Hilarious.


You’re hired!

Good has triumphed over evil fembot.

Sports Television

To Whom It May Concern: Vol II

Dear Whiny Olympic Diving Commentator,

You’re annoying. Shut up.

You make me want to not watch the men’s platform diving semifinals. At least Bart Connors won a gold in the event he commentates for.

Sincerely yours,

Nicole Swan


oh, Apprentice how I love thee

I love The Apprentice. Have I mentioned this before? I don’t remember.

Highlights of the finale: I picked Bill and Amy as my top two from the beginning, and I was right. Also, Carolyn must still be glowing from her SNL stint as she actually cracked a smile on the show.

On a related note, I watch too much television.


Thought #1 for the night

Dear Alias Producers and Casting Directors,

As my sister was not able to answer this question, I must now bring it before you. I am an avid Alias watcher and must say that during the last episode something struck me as odd. Why is it that the character of Lauren Reed (played by Melissa George) has an Australian accent, but both of her parents are American? Her parents on the show have no accent whatsoever, yet Lauren has an Australian accent? This seems at odds, don’t you think? I’m not against someone with an Australian accent having a high level position at the National Security Agency, it just doesn’t seem logistically accurate.

Other than that, I love the show. I look forward to your response.