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Part of this video is hard to watch, the rest makes me laugh every time. If you’re cubicle warrioring, you may, um, want to turn down your speakers.



In which The Sister ™ wins yet again,

me: they’re totally underselling you!
me: i’m not going to buy any tickets from you anymore.
thesister: and so…does their lift ticket come with free lessons and advice and will they wait for you at the end of every run?
thesister: doubtful
thesister: not much of a bargain when you consider that
me: true.

A blog comment that made me laugh.

We get it — 37Signals is the best and smartest company in the history of the universe.

Also, site of the week goes to and its new Nemester(tm) online community.


Random Thoughts

Has anyone else noticed how celebrities and the kidlets on Laguna Beach are always sporting puffy down coats? I have and considering that they all live in SoCal, I find this odd. It’s rarely cold enough in the Mountain/Prairie states to merit the wearing of my down coat. How are these people not roasting? I understand a puffy pink coat can make quite the fashion splash, but in 70 degree weather? It seems to be a little much.

Why is it that single, successful female bosses sans children are always stereotyped as bitchy on television? Lynette’s boss on Desperate Housewives is an excellent example. She’s a single, childless successful career woman who is written as being insensitive to Lynette’s family needs. What a load of crap. I understand that “it takes a village,” so to speak, to raise children, but single people often do end up picking up slack. Often the young, single person is seen as “able” to pull overtime whereas the married, childful ones must be home, or go to a school play, or go to a recital, etc. I just think it should be out there that this goes both ways. Maybe Lynette’s boss is bitter for a reason.

Also, just to keep you on your toes, I have a couple projects coming down the hatch that I will be introducing in the coming weeks. I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all excited.


One Has to Wonder

One must really be into a foreign film when one thinks to oneself that she should turn up the volume so that she doesn’t miss anything in an important part.

(I’ll let you ponder than one).

Random Rant

A Letter to the Random Dude Walking Down the Street

Dear Random Dude (I had a better name for you, but I thought I best not post it here),

Yes, I was getting parking lot passes well after they are necessary. Why? Because I didn’t want to run out to the lot early tomorrow morning in my pajamas and sloppy hair just to put passes on my car so I don’t get ticketed.

I’m just thinking that instead of sardonically yelling “What are you doing that for?” from a distance across the street, you could have come to one of two other conclusions.

A) This girl obviously lives downtown and knows what she is doing. Perhaps I’ll just continue on to my building and not say anything.
B) Maybe this girl doesn’t know that the lot isn’t ticketed after five. Perhaps I’ll kindly let her know by saying something like, “You don’t need to worry about lot passes. The lot isn’t ticketed after five.”

Unfortunately, you went for the non-helpful, nasty remark — and it was none too appreciated. Jack$#^.

Best Regards,




swanpickles: did you buy anything yet? didja? didja?
xxx: no, i’ve been ‘working’
swanpickles: working with air quotes, huh?
xxx: in this case it means i was actually working
xxx: i had modeling school this afternoon and was working on the website this morning
swanpickles: you’re going to be a model?
swanpickles: sweet
xxx: pays better
swanpickles: true.
swanpickles: although, now you have to start smoking and doing hardcore drugs.
xxx: but i’ll be skinny
swanpickles: oh yes, and an eating disorder.
xxx: i don’t know that loss of appetite due to smoking and drugs is necessarily an eating disorder
swanpickles: well, i was assuming you would also have bulimia or a variant there of.
xxx: um, i think anorexia is more my style
xxx: i don’t like puking

Life Random


Living downtown is never what I would call quiet. One of the busiest streets in the city runs on the south of my building. This morning I was rudely awakened at 9:30 by some punks shouting directly below my windows. Then, oddly enough, at 11 a full Algerian shriners parade complete with clowns on mini motorcycles, a mini corvette club, a one man band, a multiple piece band, a bagpipes band, and an odd chain gang type thing came by the side street directly below my windows. I guess this makes sense since the Algerian Temple is next to my building.

I hope there were no late sleepers in my neighborhood.

Opinion Random

The Meme, continue I must

A meme has been thrown my way by Jeremy at The LCD, so I feel compelled to continue it.

Behold, the Caesar’s Bath meme! List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can’t really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I), “Nice. Nice. Not thrilling . . . but nice.”

  1. Podcasting – The blog world is always buzzing about it, but, in the interest of full disclosure, I honestly don’t even know what it entails. I’ll leave it to the iPod toters.
  2. Kanye West – It seems that he is the cool, neato rapper (R&B artist?) to listen to. I don’t understand why. His music sounds like all of the others’.
  3. – I’ve gathered that one can add links and incorporate links into one’s blog with it. What am I missing exactly?
  4. Jeans with decidedly different fading on the legs – It looks horrible. Seriously. Why can’t I just get a pair of jeans with a nice dark wash all over?
  5. Paris Hilton life chronicling – Why do we care what this person does? She has done absolutely nothing in her life (besides being rich) that should garner such attention. Plus, if I hear “that’s hot” one more time, I may snap.

And, now I punt the meme onto Tim and Web.


Procrastination Has Its Rewards

While going through a basket I hadn’t unpacked since returning from my Christmas holiday, I found $10 cash. Yes, people, ten whole dollars.

General Random Television


I just saw Penelope Cruz do an impression of Salma Hayek. Hilarious.