Against the odds

Yes, this is the obligatory Oscars post. I have nothing to say about the awards themselves. I didn’t see any of the movies up for best picture. I think I saw two of the performances for people nominated for acting categories. Given my lack of knowledge in the award area, I’m going to instead critique the women’s dresses.

Oscars dress collage

No, I do not have formal fashion training. However, I do know a few things about color. So this rant will be about color choices. Every woman has colors that look best on her. She KNOWS which color(s) look best on her. For example, if I was going to the Oscars, I would wear bright scarlet red. These celebrities have a large number of experts, and, hopefully, friends helping them get ready for the Oscars. So how do a good number of them get there looking like @$$?

A few guidelines:

  • If you have pale, pale skin, DO NOT wear a beige/taupe/tan dress. It will swallow you.
  • If you have darker skin, you can get away with most colors. However, avoid colors only a few shades away from your skin color.
  • If you know you look good in a particular color, WEAR IT.

A dress can be absolutely beautiful, but if it’s the wrong color for the person wearing it, it will look horrible. Again, why, famous people, why? Put those dollars to work — I’ll help a sista out next time around.

Celebrities who apparently have friends that like them: Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek

Celebrities who need better friends: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johannson, Diane Sawyer (morning round up on GMA), Halle Berry (for abusing the “I-can-wear-anything-and-look-good” zone), Taryn Manning

Celebrities very close to needing new friends: Cate Blanchett (the yellow was too close to her skin color), Annette Bening, the Deschanel sisters


don’t worry, no spoilers

I went to see Troy this afternoon. Good flick. (Okay, I’ll be honest, Achilles/Brad Pitt is hot. Bonus character: Hector/Eric Bana). Back to the movie…The movie itself is a great action film, but it caused a bad case of ambivalence. I couldn’t decide for whom to root. Watch the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As usual, the movie left out a few things. Watch the movie, then read up on the characters, especially Aeneus.


Reason #471 to love James Spader

I am about 27 years late on this discovery, but I totally just realized that James Spader is Steff the jerk in Pretty in Pink.

God bless you, Mr. Spader.