My Own Version of Cute Overload

Baby Colt
My parents’ week old colt

Baby Dillon
My impossibly cute cousin


A Couple of Nicole’s Laws

  1. If you are required to park incorrectly because some dude can’t park worth crap, that dude will inevitably leave the lot first making you look like the jack@$$ who can’t park.
  2. If two buslines on the same loop (but going opposite directions) go very near your two local bus stops within a minute of each other and both have the same ultimate destination, whichever one you don’t take will arrive at the transit center first.
Shoe Deathmatch

Shoe Deathmatch 2005: A New Summer Series

My shoe collection is once again out of hand. How out of hand you ask? If I told you I own roughly 48 pairs of shoes, would that be out of hand? Here’s part of my collection as it stands today. This does not include several pairs of running shoes.

my shoe collection

Given my problem, I’ve decided to have a good old-fashioned deathmatch whereby each week (for as long as I decide to do this) two pairs of shoes battle to the death. The winner stays in my closet, and the loser dies an ugly, horrible death, also known as the “Good Samaritan Store.”

shoe battle numero uno

For our first match we have the boring working class shoes. The not-so-trendy-but-comfortable brown Eastlands, against the worn once navy Nurtures. Be as superficial as you want, tell me which one needs to go. In the future, I’m going to try to set up an official ballot box of sorts, but for now, put your votes in the comments.


The Book Meme

Jeremy tagged me for The Book Meme quite awhile ago, but a vacation, spotty server stability, and my own laziness has prevented me from dutifully spreading the meme.

How many books do I own?

Are they kidding? Do normal people really know this kind of thing? On my small shelf within visual distance there are 47. My other shelf is twice, if not three times, as large and completely full.

What was the last book I bought?

It was either The New Best Recipe Cookbook or America: A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction.

What was the last book I read?

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

What are the five books that mean the most to me?

  • The Fatal Equilibrium by Marshall Jevons — This fictional economics-based book was assigned as a supplemental text for my very first economics course. Half way through the book, everything clicked. I’ve been an economics sponge ever since.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas — Perhaps my all-time favorite book. While reading it I was awed by the complex and fine weaving of the storylines that make this novel great. The movie was good in its own right, but does not do the book justice. It’s really hard to explain my love for this book.
  • The Commanding Heights by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw — I loved it not only for the amount of information about political economics it contained, but also for the excellent political histories it gave.
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy — Another rambling but complex novel. High up on my favorites list.
  • The Bible — This book was an important part of my raising and deserves mention if for no other reason than for the number of times I’ve referenced/used it in my short life.
  • Passing along the meme

    Maybe Tim, Eric and/or Josh want to keep the meme alive?

Life Miscellaneous


As you know, I’m a slacker. Add a short Easter vacation in the mix, and my slackingness has reached new heights. I do have a second week March Madness wrap-up coming. I will give you the abstract: “People won, people lost. I don’t really give a crap because Kansas lost in the first round.”

Okay, so that’s not exactly how I feel, but I do have a fair amount of apathy in regards to the remainder of the NCAA tournament.

On a completely different subject, I’ve noticed that politics, economics, and the like have not made a cameo on my weblog in quite sometime. I attribute this to my laziness. You know I have a lot opinions, and I’m really going to work on getting my thoughts down on everything from education to wildlife refuges.

Miscellaneous investigative reporter uncovers coverup

Count yourself lucky as you may be among the first to hear about this breaking news story. Earlier this evening during an E! Television special on Celebrity beauty secrets, Jessica Simpson said her skin secret was Accutane. Her quote was something to the effect “My dermatologist put me on Accutane, and I haven’t had a break out since.”

Hmmm. But this is the same Jessica Simpson that has been touting ProActiv. Does this seem fishy to anyone else? So she says Proactiv fixed her skin and meanwhile she’s taking the big gun Accutane.

I hereby call out Proactiv and Jessica Simpson for deceptive advertising.

(Okay, I don’t know how “breaking” this story is, but interesting none the less. To me at least. And it’s my blog and that’s what matters.)


The Gates

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the sensation of The Gates? Perhaps one has to view them in person to truly be inspired by the dayglo orange fabric. I would also appreciate an explanation as to how they are art. I’m sure they are — I’m just missing the overall vision. Maybe they’re art because they just are. Maybe they’re not supposed to mean anything, and that’s why they’re art (what a load of crap).

The massiveness of the project is apparent. Twenty some miles of gates through out Central Park, thousands of yards of fabric, LOTS of orange paint — very impressive. I still don’t get it. This must be something one has to see in person to appreciate.

Update 02/16/05 3:28pm: It didn’t take long for a vandal to pose the same question as me.

Life Miscellaneous


Remember that scene in Garden State where they stand on heavy machinery and scream as loud/hard as they can? I felt like doing that today.


Annoying Things

Things/people/etc annoying me right now:

  • The misspelling of the word ‘sepArate.’ It’s not sepErate, people!
  • TLC shows that change their highly successful format to something that sucks. The point of the show is that there is a budget. I don’t want teams on Trading Spaces to have $2000 for a room. It’s not the same challenge. I want them to have to fashion vases out of milk cartons to stay within budget.
  • Slow drivers. As always.
  • Piano book volumes that don’t use a spiral binding. I should NOT have to prop heavy books at either end of the music to keep it open. How much does a spiral binding cost when it could mean sanity vs. insanity for your customers? (P.S. I will pay extra to save my sanity).
  • The person who keeps smoking in my building stairwell. That would be the building stairwell that has no ventilation.
  • People that don’t post in their blogs often enough. And then when they do post, they write lame lists of things that annoy them.

$level = NOVICE;

This meager beginning of a scarf took me two hours. I am spent.

Meager scarf beginnings