Sisterly Halloween

As noted when it was taken, if ever there were a photo that summed up our sisterly bond, this could be it. Me being annoying, The Sister ™ annoyed.

Me and The Sister

Not only should I watch myself, but perhaps you should too.

The Sister

Hope everyone’s Halloween was great!

Biking Life

My New Wheels

I may not be writing much, but I do seem to keep myself occupied with other endeavors — moving, vacationing, playing volleyball, riding my bike. And on the bike front, I finally, after a year of saying I should, purchased a real road bike, a Lemond Etape.

Lemond Etape

My mid-80s model Bianchi hybrid is awesome in many ways, but I’m ready to climb hills with a lighter and faster bike. The Bianchi will now get tricked out with some rear baskets or panniers for carrying groceries or my chair for the New Belgium outdoor movies.

I think the maiden voyage on the Lemond will be tomorrow. If I don’t kill myself with the clipless pedals first.


Baby Steps

Rather more relevant to most of you is the news that I’m going to stop posting to this site. I just don’t find the time to write for it anymore, and it’s rude to keep making people check for updates which never appear.

That was Dunstan signing off his blog (my favorite) at 1976design. Man, I miss that blog. Seriously, Dunstan, bring it back. Please.

As he says, it really is rude to stop posting indefinitely while people wait (or don’t) for updates. Guilty. And I feel bad. But the longer I went without posting, the less I missed it. Sure I missed the political and sports discussions my faithful readers are ever so willing to engage in, but that wasn’t impetus enough to get me to carve out time to spend in my WordPress backend.

My blog archives have always been a sort of chronicle of my life, and now I have a year+ long lapse — which is weird. So, the short version: work, family, volleyball, travelling, changing jobs, skiing, friends, biking, and loving life in Colorado.


My Mental Blog is a Masterpiece

Like Chris of my unwritten blog is a masterpiece to behold. Eloquent and wise passages architected during 15+ mile bike rides. Complete and coherent responses crafted beautifully while biking home from the gym. Entire posts sketched out and filled in amidst a six hour drive to South Dakota. Another great one composed on the six hour trek back to Colorado.

Problem is: The pieces either stay in my head (and eventually slip away), or I attempt to write them down and the result is 1/100 of the quality of the original mental composition.

Addendum: Or they can’t stay composed long enough to finish a damn post (post originally started about three weeks ago). Or work is temporarily draining time reservoirs.


Resolutions: The 2006 Version

It’s that time of year again. The time when I revisit past resolutions and create meaningless new ones (oh, did I just say that?). In last year’s wrap-up, I noted that perhaps I should give myself two years to finish my 2004 resolutions. Well, if I do that, I actually did pretty good this year. A 2004 recap:

  1. (Warning: I am so cliche, but I don’t care.) Lose those last few pounds.
  2. Write my loved ones, especially those born prior to The Great Depression, actual snail mail letters.
  3. Do more web development experimentation.
  4. Learn a new programming language. (Suggestions? Maybe Perl/TK)
  5. Research and write paper on pitfalls of national healthcare system.
  6. Save money. Period.
  7. Contribute to open source project.
  8. Finally finish making my site web and accessibility standards compliant.

So, how have I done in two years?

  1. While I may not be at my ideal weight, I am about ten to fifteen pounds lighter than when I wrote those resolutions.
  2. Argh, still working on this one. The best of intentions…
  3. Getting there…
  4. Does .NET architecture count? In my world it does, so check!
  5. Um, no.
  6. Check!
  7. Soon, soon…
  8. Check!

Maybe my resolution for 2006 will be to finish 2004’s resolutions.


Happy New Year!

The Sister, The Cousin, and I

The Sister and The Cousin

The Sister and I

P.S. The Sister is not in fact a ghost.
P.P.S. This is the last time I use the ‘party’ setting on my camera.


Merry Christmas


The Best of Intentions

I haven’t been contributing to ForeverGeek for a couple months, but I now seem to get less writing done than before. Of course, it hasn’t helped that I up and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, a couple weeks ago. Life has been somewhat chaotic.

It’s odd to be in a new place after being in Helena for two years. I’m acclimating — however, I’m still looking for bagels on par with Helena’s The Bagel Company bagels.

Life News


The disasterous effects of Hurricane Katrina have, of course, been on my mind constantly for the past week. With each new story of loss, I am stricken once more with the absolute unfathomableness of the disaster. There are many individual situations, stories, and anecdotes throughout the news related to the losses the area has sustained, but today, Matt Mullenweg reminded me of yet another instance of loss due to Katrina — that of data, servers, and hardware at Tulane University. This may seem small in comparison to the grand scheme of things, but as someone who has worked in web development for universities/colleges for the past 5 or so years, this is indeed a devastating loss. Tulane has lost its servers and its website, a web developer’s worst nightmare. It’s just insane. They currently have a basic site up to address institutional issues in addition to a WordPress blog aimed at gathering information and keeping Tulanians up-to-date.

Here’s to hoping there were backups of all data (including the years and years of administrative data) stored offsite in a fire- and water-proof location. Best wishes to Tulane and all of those in the affected areas.

Life Website

Hiatus Schmiatus

So I took a hiatus (possbily permanent) from editing for ForeverGeek with the idea of putting more time into this site. However, instead of providing my loyal readers with increased quality and quantity of writing, I seem to have taken a hiatus from all blogging. That was not the plan.

I will try to return soon with better and more frequent content. Until then, please hang tight.