I just know my absence has made your hearts grow fonder

I regret my delinquency, but it could not be helped. As I mentioned previously, I went to Helena. Also, since my laptop is still not serviceable (another story entirely), I had no means of contact. (And believe me, it nearly killed me that my hotel room had broadband, but I didn’t have my laptop). However, I consider my trip to Helena quite successful as I am now no longer jobless. Woohoo!

Other news…Given my well-documented obsession with Josh Groban, you can imagine my excitement that he has a new CD, and, of course, I now own it. I also installed a CD burner in my old desktop. Much better for to move the gigs of music I may or may not have on it. Hehe.


got job? um, no.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been in somewhat of a distemperate mood lately. My last two posts were a little less than the congenial, witty banter you’ve grown accustomed to.

I’ve been in the proverbial dumps. This whole being-unemployed-wondering-why-I-tried-so-hard-in-college thing is keeping me down. It stems from a conversation I had on Wednesday that went a little like this (heavily paraphrased):

Me: Hi ______. How are you?
Her: Great. And how are you?
Me: I’m great. Thanks for asking. I was actually calling to check on the status of the position.
Her: Yes, of course. Um, we did decide to pick someone. We’re just in the process of checking references. *pause*
Me: *holding breath*
*don’t remember how she told me I didn’t get the job. Apparently a dissociative identity has emerged and I’m repressing the bad memory*
Me: OK.
Her: I will tell you that you were great, but you just didn’t have quite enough ‘real-world’ experience.
Me: *ouch. This hurts even coming from a really nice person.*

To make this painful story short, I ended up fifth on their list. FIFTH! For a job I thought was almost custom made for me and my work experience.

With hopes dashed and the optimism mercury dropping fast, I have fallen into a disappointment-induced stupor. I basically just feel like such a loser. I’m a 4.0 student with good work experience (for my age). Doesn’t matter. Apparently there are no jobs for one such as I. It sucks. A lot.

However, I’m fully aware that moping will not get me a job, so I applied for a position in Montana yesterday.

“‘Cause I’m havin’ a bad day, I’m havin’ a bad day, get outta my way, ’cause I’m having a bad day.”


I need a job

Reasons #237 and #451 why I need a job;

The closest towns to me have populations of 54, 675, and 115.
My spirit is dying.