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Wow. I have never seen propaganda like this — propaganda courtesy of a TV commercial featuring Tom Ridge, Secretary of the beloved U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Every family should be ready for a terrorist attack.”
I’m pretty sure that’s innacurate. I’m also pretty sure that the Doe family living on a section somewhere between the middle and the edge of nowhere is at little to no risk. I would advise them to worry more about the quite miniscule chance of contracting mad cow disease.

“Terrorism offers us a choice. We can be afraid. Or we can be prepared.”
So, is restricting civil liberties of citizens as well as foreign visitors how we show we’re ‘prepared’? The slow decline of freedoms must also be a sign of our preparedness. No urging of paranoia here, just preparedness.

Nope we’re definitely not afraid. We’re sure showing them, Mr. Bush.

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thank you ms. kraus

Subtitled ‘why I need to leave SD.’

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Why is that some people are absolutely convinced that they are right and that anyone with opposing ideas is absolutely wrong?

Why is it that those people don’t realize that it is a right to believe what one wishes?

I appreciate a fervor to relate beliefs, but I don’t accept being considered ape-like for having my own personal beliefs and moral fiber.

Along the same lines, I am a Christian, but I almost don’t wish to be identified as one. Why? Because I sometimes feel as though I don’t and can’t relate to the traditional Christian belief system.

I grew up in the church. Most people in small towns in the midwest did. I love the idea of a higher spiritual being watching over the world (and me). It makes me feel safe. Just singing Amazing Grace when I’m scared makes me feel secure. And I pray (not very often, I admit) to that being and His Son who I know are listening.

However, I cringe at how judgmental many so-called ‘christians’ can be. While I may not necessarily agree with abortion, I refuse to judge anyone that feels otherwise. Homosexuality? Don’t understand it, but they definitely shouldn’t be condemned. Sex before marriage? Another choice not worthy of condemnation or scorn.

What happened to the religion that was for the humble and meek? The one centered around forgiveness and generosity toward your fellow man or woman? Generosity of spirit, love, forgiveness, charity. I sure hope the Christian Right finds it.

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Will it ever stop?

Has anyone besides me noticed the absolutely out-of-control amount of random ‘likes’ thrown at random intervals into most persons’ conversations? Everything is ‘like’ this and ‘like’ that. People go to the ‘like’ supermarket and the ‘like’ mall. These places must be in the valley because I have never been to any such ‘like’ locations.

Ok, I’m not go to sit here on my pedestal of a computer chair pointing my finger of shame at everyone else. I must admit that I used to stumble in this grammatical pitfall. I disgusted myself. But, I have kicked the habit– and I think a grassroots campaign to extinguish the errant use of ‘likes’ is in order.

Can’t we all just learn to say what we really mean without having to soften it with a ‘like’? Repeat after me: ‘I am an intelligent, confident person who does not need to mask my words in the guise of a simile. I will not scatter ‘likes’ in my vocabulary in non-customary positions. I like myself — not like like myself’.

Now if I could just find a co-founder for my grassroots organization…

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The Stone man strikes again

As I may or may not have mentioned in a previous entry, I believe everyone should have to take an economics course at some point during their education–and I don’t mean the crappy run-of-the-mill economics course we all take in high school. Case in point: Bill Stone. He writes a letter to the editor of the Rapid City Journal like clockwork. I can pick this guy’s letter out from 50 yards away. His latest act of brilliance (eck) was to be found in the July 4th edition. Here it is entitled Put Americans First, as copied from the Journal website.

After 25 years the myth of globalism is unraveling. Every day we import $1.5 billion more than we make. That’s $547 billion American workers should be producing every year and still maintain our trade balance. That’s more than all the monetary stimulus passed by Congress.

Interest rates are at 45-year lows. Deficits are at least $400 billion already. The money supply was increased 6 percent last year to mitigate deficit spending.

Americans consuming American-made products are the engine for economic recovery. Plugging our landfills with Communist Chinese goods is foolish. Creating jobs in Communist China merely highlights our hypocrisy.

There is nothing sensible about creating Chinese jobs while American workers draw unemployment. There is nothing cheap about foreign imports, which are being paid for with deficit spending. There is nothing logical about tax policy that creates jobs in foreign countries.

Supporting our troops is a given. How about supporting those same people in civilian clothes, who are the economic troops in peacetime?

Let’s do more than wave the flag. Let’s put Americans first.

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How many things are wrong with this? Where do I start?…

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If I were an OS, what OS would I be?…

If I were an OS, I would be…

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