About Me – The Boring Details

I’m a 27-year-old girl who speaks geek fluently, at home and at work. By title, I’m a Web Programmer/Designer and live in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. I honed my programming chops in the Computer Science department at the University of South Dakota. While there, I also picked up a Business Management degree. My interests are many and varied — including biking, skiing, volleyball, sports as a general category, playing piano, learning new web speak, shopping, travelling, and baking — so nearly anything is fair game for weblog fodder. If you read regularly, however, you will find that my blog is heavy on economics and politics.

About This Site

This site was hand-coded by yours truly. My editors of choice were vi and TextPad. All graphics were created using either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements. My site is powered by WordPress 1.5 (and formerly MovableType 2.63 and Greymatter).

Any code, style, layout, and other inspirations you wish to borrow are free for the taking. However, I would appreciate a link, a mention, or some sort of recognition. Weblog entries are my own personal thoughts and ideas–and are not to be taken without proper citation.

Contact Me

Feel free to drop me a line at nicole.swan AT gmail DOT com.