Data Gathering

Now that my bike computer features an inclinometer, I can’t help but have a sick fascination with seeing it tick upwards. The miles I’ve put on my bike have been ridiculously low since the Copper Triangle, hovering around maybe 75 miles per week, but I finally headed out for a solid 50-miler on my favorite loop last Sunday. Of course, that loop includes a trip up Rist Canyon, prime territory for a rising inclinometer reading. Rist didn’t disappoint. The numbers:

Distance: 49.92 mi
Time: 3:38
Avg. speed: 13.6 mph
Max. speed: 46.6 mph
Total elevation gain: 3955 ft
Max incline: 21%

The last couple miles are super steep — my computer didn’t tick below 9% much preferring to stay in numbers like 9, 12, and 14. On the steepest section of all, I saw it hit 24% before settling on 21%. Fun times. I love that in the warped world of Rist, a 5% incline can be considered a “rest.” Hearing gunshots near the road was a nice kick in the pants to get up the last mile as quickly as possible. (Is it hunting season? What the hell?). Man, I do so love to climb.

There’s wasn’t much else of note the rest of the way home, other than getting honked at by an SUV somewhere near Horsetooth Park as I was kicking it around 20mph. I hereby apologize for delaying that car by 3 seconds in my attempt to save my own arse from a gravel-y meeting with the pavement.

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I believe I have the Trek Incite ACH similar to this, with a few less functions.

I like the different kinds of data it reads, but the way it’s set up, you can’t really view more than current speed and one other function at a time. Plus I have yet to get the wired cadence to work. The version I have doesn’t allow the setting of heart rate zones, which makes that function less useful than it would be otherwise.

The draw for me was the range of functions available for the price. If I was willing to pay significantly more, I would have looked at a Garmin or Polar.

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