Biking Olympics Rant

I didn’t really want to watch the men’s road race anyway

My non-Intel iBook is apparently not cool enough to watch the streaming video coverage of the Olympic cycling events.

No Streaming Video for me

Now this just ticks me off. Chances are good it would still work on my system, but I’m being specifically screened. That’s annoying. And that’s bad form NBC.

Update: A little research tells me that they require Silverlight 2 for the streaming video.  Unfortunately Silverlight 2 doesn’t support PPC Macs, and, thus, no video for me.  Jerks.

2 replies on “I didn’t really want to watch the men’s road race anyway”

I actually TiVoed both races (and will be tivoing most of the cycling coverage), so I did get to see them — I just had to watch the highly edited/shortened broadcast versions (spread out over an eight hour block of Olympic coverage). I guess I want the option to watch streaming video if I want to.

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