Baby Steps

Rather more relevant to most of you is the news that I’m going to stop posting to this site. I just don’t find the time to write for it anymore, and it’s rude to keep making people check for updates which never appear.

That was Dunstan signing off his blog (my favorite) at 1976design. Man, I miss that blog. Seriously, Dunstan, bring it back. Please.

As he says, it really is rude to stop posting indefinitely while people wait (or don’t) for updates. Guilty. And I feel bad. But the longer I went without posting, the less I missed it. Sure I missed the political and sports discussions my faithful readers are ever so willing to engage in, but that wasn’t impetus enough to get me to carve out time to spend in my WordPress backend.

My blog archives have always been a sort of chronicle of my life, and now I have a year+ long lapse — which is weird. So, the short version: work, family, volleyball, travelling, changing jobs, skiing, friends, biking, and loving life in Colorado.