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Election 2006: Mentally Exhausted Edition

I suppose it’s time for my requisite election time post, but, frankly, I’m nearly exhausted from reading and researching the ridiculously large number of ballot issues and candidates that were on my ballot today. And I’m just going to come right out and say it, a lot of it was crap. Crap legislation special interests are trying to get into the state constitution. A craptastically long list of judges towards whom we should throw a vote of confidence or no confidence. And I shouldn’t forget all the local and county crappy stuff.

But don’t get me wrong, despite the crappiness of the issues, it was still very important to vote. You will have an extremely difficult time convincing me otherwise. It was important to vote no to discrimination in the Colorado state constitution, to do my part to unseat a House Representative focused nearly entirely on writing discrimination into the US Constitution and being a mindless drone for President Bush, and to show my support for a referendum that would provide basic legal rights to domestic partnerships.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but wonder why the citizens of Colorado were having to vote on the retention of appeals court judges given that a special panel had already recommended their retention and given that likely no more than 1.7% of the voters even knew who the judges were or the decisions they had handed down. I was also curious why one would vote to change the state constitution to make it easier for issues to appear before voters. It already seems easy enough. People, I have a full time job — I don’t have the time to review all these issues. This is why we have a representative democracy. It isn’t awesome all the time, but when it works, it’s a great system.

As I did in the 2004 election, I will highlight the votes I cast that I feel were the most important.

  • I voted FOR Angie Paccione (D) for House Reprentative in Colorado District 4.
  • I voted NO to writing discrimination into the Colorado state constitution (Amendment 43)
  • I voted YES to Referendum I which would allow domestic partnerships basic legal rights

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