2006 CSS Reboot All-Stars

CSS Reboot - Jeff Croft

Impatient as I am, I’m not going to wait for the other coaches to weigh in; I’m just going to leap ahead and name Jeff Croft the MVP of the All-Star team. I love this design. He’s not a flashy Kobe Bryant, but more of a solid, dependable, thinking-person’s Tony Parker or Mike Miller design equivalent. From the backend architecture to the beautiful, usable design, each piece of the site is well thought out and purposeful. I dare you — try to find a piece of this site that wasn’t well redesigned.

CSS Reboot - Rob Goodlatte

I very much like this design as well. Rob Goodlatte’s site is a strong design departure from my MVP choice, but also awesomely complete. My favorite part of his site, though, is his full entry format page. It’s wide. It’s super readable. It has newspaper-style columns! Love it. Yes, I would marry it.

CSS Reboot - Matt Brett

Pink is not for everyone, but Matt Brett’s new design is hot. I love the strong choice of color, the grittiness, and the overall feel of the site. It’s an artistic design.

CSS Reboot - Critical Design

Another CSS Reboot site rocking the super large footer look, Critical Web Design’s new blog design is tickling my color senses. The blue is different and bold. The small graphical details are crisp, well-placed, and unique.

Now if people would stop voting up the crappy sites and vote for these guys instead.

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Wow! Very kind words. Thanks sooo much. I’m really glad you liked it. And, terrific other selections, as well. All three of them are among my very top choices in this seasons’ Reboot, as well.

Thanks again. I’m flattered! 🙂

You’re very welcome! 🙂 But, seriously, your website is more than deserving of the praise it has received. Plus, your site is a great Django ambassador — I’m already knocking around ideas for using it.

Three of these new designs are what I call blog 2.0 (yeah I made that up — pay me money) — Jeff Croft’s, Matt Brett’s and Blog Critical.

Instead of putting all the context down a column on the right side — there is a horizontal separator at some point where below that line all the information is placed. I totally dig this new era of layout and just wish I came up with it.

I don’t know who was the originator — but Simplebit’s Dan used this style in his most recent do-over too.

As Paris hilton would say — “it’s HOT”

and theres a girl on here thats name is kaylee is commented a long time ago thats my friend and srry for the mean comment she left


Just thought i would email you and let you know we have the same name 🙂

Nicole xx

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