In which The Sister ™ wins yet again,

me: they’re totally underselling you!
me: i’m not going to buy any tickets from you anymore.
thesister: and so…does their lift ticket come with free lessons and advice and will they wait for you at the end of every run?
thesister: doubtful
thesister: not much of a bargain when you consider that
me: true.

A blog comment that made me laugh.

We get it — 37Signals is the best and smartest company in the history of the universe.

Also, site of the week goes to and its new Nemester(tm) online community.


March Madness 2006: George Mason? Really?

The Remains of A Fallen BracketMy bracket is officially done now, reduced to a conglomeration of red strikeouts. If you look closely, you’ll see that I managed to correctly pick only 8 of the sweet sixteen teams, 3 of the elite eight teams and no final four teams. Of the teams I picked to play in the championship, one lost in the round of 32 and the other in the round of 16.

Next year I’m using the reliable coin flip to fill out my bracket. It couldn’t turn out any worse.


I’m Feeling Antisocial

Enough with the social bookmarking. Really. I don’t digg it. I don’t reddit. I won’t seed it. I don’t think it’s I’m a jerk.

Anti-social bookmarking



March Madness 2006: Behold the Burning Pile of Picks

2006 tourney bracket - first/second rounds There’s really not much to say here. The first and second rounds of the tournament were not kind to my bracket. Like, not even a little bit. Kansas lost in the first round. North Carolina lost in the second round. The Georges accomplished more than their fair share in the first round then stabbed me in the back in the round of 32.

Also, to the Missouri Valley Conference, I understand I should have given you more respect. But to totally ruin my bracket to show your anger? That seems completely unnecessary.


March Madness, Baby!

Oh, yes. It’s that time of year again. I cannot well describe the excitement this time of year brings for me — we won’t bring up the loss of productivity as I continuously refresh ESPN’s scoreboard during the day. In college, I missed very few classes, and most of these absences can be attributed to March Madness. My brackets are complete and ready for the complete desecration that shall ensue. I have fantasy entries at both ESPN and Newsvine. If you’re looking to join in the national crapshoot, feel free to join my ESPN group “Swanny Group.”

Go KU!


Also Known as Why the Democrats are Failing

As most people who read the news semi-frequently already know, the South Dakota legislature recently passed a bill banning most abortions in the state (the governor has since signed the bill). A post stating my opposition or support to it would do nothing but fuel a never ending, futile comments argument as discussing abortion, the death penalty, and the use of the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance are wont to do. I’m not taking sides — this post is not about sides.

But, I find the condescension and arrogance with which some people have responded to this legislation to be quite frustrating.


Gone Skiing

Gone Skiing
It’s been indicated that I haven’t posted in a while. Yes, it’s true. Projects are stagnating. Bloglines has long ago quit showing any indication of updates here or at I (heart) baking. Why? It’s ski season. Weekends that once served as primary “catch up” time for my websites and projects are now spent skiing the lovely slopes of Colorado.* I also have yet to reconnect my internet. Honestly, I’m enjoying being not so connected. Plus, if I hold out for another 25 days, I can get better Internet deals.

On to a somewhat related topic, perhaps on Tuesday or Wednesday you happened upon my site and found a really ugly “Account Suspended” message or tried to venture past my front page and were confronted with an ugly 404 error. Were you surprised? Yeah, me too. Unknown to me, PayPal had decided to cancel payment subscriptions I had set up to pay my hosting bills. Since I didn’t know they were cancelled, I wasn’t aware that the bills weren’t paid until TextDrive [hosts I (heart) baking] contacted me requesting alternate payment. I received no such notice from ASmallOrange (which hosts this site). My one and only notice that I had an overdue balance was a big fat website BSOD from them announcing that my account was suspended. I love looking like a delinquent. From what I understand, they are supposed to have a notification system built into their billing, but apparently my account somehow slipped through the cracks. As a consequence of the account suspension, my .htaccess file was deleted in its entirety. Thus, from the time my account was reinstated until the middle of yesterday when I noticed this, most of my site was throwing 404 errors. It’s been a fun couple days. PayPal has yet to provide me with a great explanation of what happened.

Here’s to some champagne powder for this weekend!

* It snowed 10 inches last night at my favorite resort, so don’t expect this weekend to be any different than the others.