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My recent jump into the world of Bloglines-ing has had at least one good effect — I now actually check out my own feeds. I’ve never paid much attention to them other than obediently listing feed links. Well, did you know that previously I wasn’t publishing the full article entries in my feeds? How annoying is that? If Bloglines has taught me anything, it’s that full article feeds are king.

So, yes, I’m now publishing full article feeds. Carry on.

Opinion Politics They Just Don’t Get It

It’s no secret that I have a love hate relationship with Two days ago, the strong dislike intensified when an email from them entitled Should we take on right wing Democrats? landed in my inbox. A snippet from this email:

This year our top goal is breaking the right-wing Republican stranglehold on Congress. That is our main focus every day.

It is also part of our work together to hold Democrats to their Party’s highest values on issues like foreign policy, economic prosperity and good government.

The story about “the Democrat who sold out” has become too familiar. Too often progressives tip toe around these betrayals. But there needs to be real consequences for these Democrats.

Replacing a right-wing Democrat with a more progressive Democrat will help voters more clearly understand what Democrats stand for—and that will help Democrats win.

Yes, has now taken it upon themselves to decide who is Democrat-y enough to represent certain districts. Not only have they decided to throw their weight around in individual districts (because the constituents of those districts are obviously not smart enough to choose the right Democrat), but they are purporting to define what is and isn’t proper Democratic principle.

I wrote previously about the huge chasm in the political spectrum.’s position will only further widen the abyss as middle of the road Democrats are pushed either to the left or out all together. The Democrats that would have (or did) appeal to the other end of the spectrum would be gone. In my mind, the Democratic cause would be immeasurably harmed by these actions — and with that the rest of us “middle-of-the-road”-ers are punished as well.

Sadly, an email declaring that 84% of members agreed that right-wing Democrats must be unseated found its way to my inbox today.


2006 Winter Olympics: I say Torino, You Say Turino

As my fair readers know, I’m not one to shy from a good bout of sports watching unless it’s hockey on TV or NASCAR. Thusly, I’ve been following the winter Olympics. I can’t help but peek at results through out the day only to go home at night to watch said results in full technicolor wonder. The first Olympics I remember are the 1992 Olympics (can the Albertville and Barcelona Olympics really have been 14 years ago?). As much as I would like to say I remember the ’84 or ’88 Olympics I don’t — I was 3 and 7 at those times. I love the Olympics and, as usual, have a few thoughts to throw into the mix (presented in bullet point format).



Okay, I didn’t so much switch as I bought an iBook to keep my PC company. And now I’m trying to figure out this whole Mac OS thing. So far, I’ve managed to change the system preferences and pick up 8 nearby wireless networks I didn’t even know existed. I’m excited about the development opportunities that exist for me now, but I’m now facing a learning curve. Although, on the bright side, I figured out how to right click. Baby steps, people.

I’ve started the learning process by checking out Paul Stamatiou’s list of 10 things every new Mac owner should know. However, I need more info. If perhaps my readership includes a few Mac users, please assist if you feel so inclined.

  • Know of any cool iBook appropriate bags? (Yes, I am that person now.)
  • What’s the best FTP application? Anything for Mac that’s similar to SSH? (Also, free/cheap is good.)
  • What about code editors? bbEdit? SubEthaEdit? Open source apps out there?
  • Are there any good Subversion clients for Mac yet? (In my past experience, there were no complete ones available.)
  • Any other essential apps?
  • What else should I know?