Temporary Hiatus

As I am suffering through a short term lapse of internet connection at home, posting will be sparse for an undetermined amount of time. I think I will pull through, but I’m feeling quite disconnected. Obviously, I am working on correcting this problem sooner rather than later.


New Gadget: The iHome Clock Radio

iHome clock radioThough I am not happy to be 25 — besides the cheaper insurance and ability to rent a car without penalty — the birthday monies from said occasion have provided for a new gadget. Now, I can, if I so choose, wake up to tunes from my iPod or just listen to my iPod via the the system. I haven’t used it much yet, but the sound seems to be very good. There aren’t, however, many iPod controls on the radio. Of course, the manufacturers have so thoughtfully included in the box an offer where I can get a remote for only $19.99. Grrr.


I’m a Bloglines-er

I’ve finally done it. I’ve broken down and leapt into the world of RSS readers, feeds, and whatnot. While I have dutifully provided all flavors of feeds for my site for years, I must admit I’ve never really bothered with them myself. Why read design-less content when I can surf over to the site myself to get the content?

Bloglines Screenshot

Great logic, right? Until I own up to the fact that I keep forgetting about sites I like to read. Unfortunately, I’m horrible about bookmarking site/blogs I want to continue to read, I then forget about them only to return months later thinking “Why haven’t I been reading this? This is actually pretty good.”

So, now I’m a reluctant Bloglines-er.

And I like it. *sigh*


Resolutions: The 2006 Version

It’s that time of year again. The time when I revisit past resolutions and create meaningless new ones (oh, did I just say that?). In last year’s wrap-up, I noted that perhaps I should give myself two years to finish my 2004 resolutions. Well, if I do that, I actually did pretty good this year. A 2004 recap:

  1. (Warning: I am so cliche, but I don’t care.) Lose those last few pounds.
  2. Write my loved ones, especially those born prior to The Great Depression, actual snail mail letters.
  3. Do more web development experimentation.
  4. Learn a new programming language. (Suggestions? Maybe Perl/TK)
  5. Research and write paper on pitfalls of national healthcare system.
  6. Save money. Period.
  7. Contribute to open source project.
  8. Finally finish making my site web and accessibility standards compliant.

So, how have I done in two years?

  1. While I may not be at my ideal weight, I am about ten to fifteen pounds lighter than when I wrote those resolutions.
  2. Argh, still working on this one. The best of intentions…
  3. Getting there…
  4. Does .NET architecture count? In my world it does, so check!
  5. Um, no.
  6. Check!
  7. Soon, soon…
  8. Check!

Maybe my resolution for 2006 will be to finish 2004’s resolutions.


Happy New Year!

The Sister, The Cousin, and I

The Sister and The Cousin

The Sister and I

P.S. The Sister is not in fact a ghost.
P.P.S. This is the last time I use the ‘party’ setting on my camera.