Harriet Miers: A Crony Nominee?

Often I listen to chunks of President Bush’s press conferences, and often I wonder how he says the things he does without some sort of self-revelation to the effect that nearly everything he says MAKES NO SENSE.

So let’s talk about Harriet Miers. I could get past the fact that she has no judicial experience. However, her nomination smacks of cronyism. I don’t want a crony given a lifetime appointment to the the highest court in the United States. It really rubs me the wrong way that her proximity to President Bush apparently trumps all other highly qualified legal minds available across the country.

And how does President Bush respond to a direct inquiry about the charge of cronyism in the nomination? “I picked the best person I could find.”

Really President Bush? Okay, so maybe you’ve had some incredibly deep conversation with her in which she revealed a tremendous aptitude for the law and judicial precedence. Perhaps during this conversation, you were blown over by her Constitutional philosophy and amazing legal mind. Then, to my chagrin, Bush continues, “Not to my recollection have I ever sat down with her — what I have done is understand the type of person she is and the type of judge she will be.”

But as Bush noted, “To me, a person’s strength of character counts a lot. And as a result of my friendship with Harriet, I know her strength of character.”

Though character is important, is it acceptable as the one reason to nominate someone? Is this the best we can do? I look forward to the Senate hearings, where hopefully we will learn something about Ms. Miers besides that she has great character.

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Miers might be a great SC Justice. She might be the best Justice to ever sit on the bench. Solomon himself might rise from the grave and ask her for advice. But, the only reason she’s being considered for the job is because she was recommended by a man who has two failed businesses and a failed Presidency under his belt.

The fact is, Bush does not give people jobs because they are competant. He gives them jobs because he likes them. Harriet Miers is probably a good person – and probably has excellent character. But I want all that AND a demonstrated track record as a judge.

Bush was told to pick someone outside of the appelate courts. Unfortunately, he went WAY outside the court system. In essence, he’s chosen his (highly qualified, hard-working, person-of-charcter) dentist to be the nation’s neurosurgeon.

Maybe that’s why W’s businesses failed?


I agree. I don’t necessarily care if the person has been a judge, but he/she should, as you note, be someone with a strong track record within the judicial system.

I also just realized I forgot to include my favorite part of the press conference where Bush says we just have to trust him. That’s a laugh. Expect an edit soon.

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