An Open Letter to the USD Football Team

Dear USD Football team,

We had some good times a few years ago. I would go to your games, you would play horribly, okay, or marginally well. Every once in a while you would pull a State win out of the hat to satiate your public. Yet, I would never go so far as to actually call your play excellent. Because, really, after Jamel graduated, it was pretty hit-or-miss. (I’m sorry, okay, but it’s the truth. We’re still friends, right?)

So, why is it you have to go and be all fabulous this year? Couldn’t you have done this a few years ago too? A 6-0 record, a 270ish passing efficiency rating for your quarterback (um, can you say “unheard of”?), 630 some odd yards of offense per game, and the highest scoring average in DII. Breaking my heart, you are. Where was all of this when I could actually see it?

Yeah, I know this doesn’t really change anything, but I felt the need to air out my feelings.

Well, keep up the good work, boys.

Sighingly yours,


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okay Swan. You could have went to a game and really supported them this year (which I can’t logistically) but hey write a letter… GO YOTES!

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