Opinion Politics Needs Focus

I originally signed up for the mailing list during the 2004 Presidential campaign. At the time, I liked their actions in the areas of civil and human rights.

I was curious as to what the group would do once the election passed. Well it seems that MoveOn decided their best option was to fully ensconce themselves in anti-Bush-dom. They are apparently against every single thing that the Bush Administration does, says, thinks, or may think in the future.

Bush says privatize social security — MoveOn says don’t.
Bush nominates Roberts — MoveOn is completely opposed to him.
Bush pretty much promises a blank check to the Gulf Coast for recovery — MoveOn sends an email requesting $250,000 in donations to fund a rapid response TV advertisement.
Oh, and we also need to fire Karl Rove, Tom Delay, and Donald Rumsfeld, win back Congress, reform the election process, protect the environment, protect the Arctic Reserve, implement fair trade, and stop GOP suppression of the black vote, among other things.

Obviously, some of the above list items are important items, except everyday I get an email in response to something that Bush did. I’m sorry, but MoveOn cannot be against *every single thing* that comes from the Bush Administration. And even if they are, they still need to pick and choose the issues that are most important. By focusing on specific issues, their impact will be much greater, and prevent the feeling of “the boy who cried wolf.” I can’t be the only one who believes that their credibility is greatly diminished by the constant “wolf crying.” Focus MoveOn and get back to the true roots of your organization.


The Best of Intentions

I haven’t been contributing to ForeverGeek for a couple months, but I now seem to get less writing done than before. Of course, it hasn’t helped that I up and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, a couple weeks ago. Life has been somewhat chaotic.

It’s odd to be in a new place after being in Helena for two years. I’m acclimating — however, I’m still looking for bagels on par with Helena’s The Bagel Company bagels.

Life News


The disasterous effects of Hurricane Katrina have, of course, been on my mind constantly for the past week. With each new story of loss, I am stricken once more with the absolute unfathomableness of the disaster. There are many individual situations, stories, and anecdotes throughout the news related to the losses the area has sustained, but today, Matt Mullenweg reminded me of yet another instance of loss due to Katrina — that of data, servers, and hardware at Tulane University. This may seem small in comparison to the grand scheme of things, but as someone who has worked in web development for universities/colleges for the past 5 or so years, this is indeed a devastating loss. Tulane has lost its servers and its website, a web developer’s worst nightmare. It’s just insane. They currently have a basic site up to address institutional issues in addition to a WordPress blog aimed at gathering information and keeping Tulanians up-to-date.

Here’s to hoping there were backups of all data (including the years and years of administrative data) stored offsite in a fire- and water-proof location. Best wishes to Tulane and all of those in the affected areas.