One Has to Wonder

One must really be into a foreign film when one thinks to oneself that she should turn up the volume so that she doesn’t miss anything in an important part.

(I’ll let you ponder than one).

Random Rant

A Letter to the Random Dude Walking Down the Street

Dear Random Dude (I had a better name for you, but I thought I best not post it here),

Yes, I was getting parking lot passes well after they are necessary. Why? Because I didn’t want to run out to the lot early tomorrow morning in my pajamas and sloppy hair just to put passes on my car so I don’t get ticketed.

I’m just thinking that instead of sardonically yelling “What are you doing that for?” from a distance across the street, you could have come to one of two other conclusions.

A) This girl obviously lives downtown and knows what she is doing. Perhaps I’ll just continue on to my building and not say anything.
B) Maybe this girl doesn’t know that the lot isn’t ticketed after five. Perhaps I’ll kindly let her know by saying something like, “You don’t need to worry about lot passes. The lot isn’t ticketed after five.”

Unfortunately, you went for the non-helpful, nasty remark — and it was none too appreciated. Jack$#^.

Best Regards,


Politics Rant

Seeing Shades

The following piece was spotted today in a Gawker note on the death of Peter Jennings:

Jennings was an anchor for the blue states. This is not to say that his politics leaned one way or another, or that he somehow provided a friendlier newscast for liberal causes than for conservative ones; we have no idea of his personal views. What we mean is that Jennings showed, as John Kerry couldn’t in the last election, that there’s a value in being smart and sophisticated. While Brokaw was always the all-American, just-folks, nice guy, Jennings was worldy and urbane and unafraid to be a bit of an intellectual. That seems to be the incorrect mien for success in this country today, but, for those of us actually do appreciate the smart and sophisticated — for New Yorkers, in other words — it was nice to see one of us spend so long on top. [sic]

The only adjective I can find to properly describe this paragraph is: pompous. The idea that political leanings are tied to certain levels of intellect, sophistication, and worldiness is one that has been a theme (implicitly or explicitly) across the blogosphere even prior to the recent Presidential election — but more so since. I must say that I didn’t know that the blue states, and, specifically, New Yorkers, had the market for intelligence and sophistication cornered. Obviously, even with his or her superior intelligence, the writer of the above excerpt can’t see the country in shades of purple. The writer chooses to ignore the deep purple shade which is the real political spectrum in the United States in favor of continuing the misguided and pretentious idea that one can be better than another based solely on voting tendencies or physical location.

The central theme of the Gawker piece is a dangerous one. I only ask that people try to look past generalities to how things really are — even if that doesn’t leave the neatly wrapped package that makes pieces like the above easy to write.

Life Website

Hiatus Schmiatus

So I took a hiatus (possbily permanent) from editing for ForeverGeek with the idea of putting more time into this site. However, instead of providing my loyal readers with increased quality and quantity of writing, I seem to have taken a hiatus from all blogging. That was not the plan.

I will try to return soon with better and more frequent content. Until then, please hang tight.