March Madness 2005: Day 1

Firstly, if Gonzaga thinks it’s cool to play like crap and nearly ruin a chunk of my bracket, I have news for them. It’s totally not cool. I’ve got a few cutting words for Alabama as well. For now, (because I’m feeling so “zen”) I’ll chalk it up to the 5 vs. 12 tricky match up.

2005 champ

I was burned a couple times today, but for the most part I’m doing okay. I picked a couple outside shots (Iowa, UCLA, Creighton) and got burned. Of course, Creighton should have won their game. Also, I could have sworn I picked Nevada over Texas. In my head I did. I was even yelling at my TV cheering for Nevada. I think ESPN gremlins changed my choice on that game. UAB just beat LSU — again bad for me. Apparently, UAB decided they needed a nice follow up to last year’s (dare I say?) cinderella run.

I also have to give a little shout out to local team and 16 seed Montana which actually hung around no. 1 seed Washington. That’s pretty good given the matchup and the history of 1 vs. 16 seed games.

Kansas plays tomorrow. I shall be a nervous wreck by tomorrow morning.

(And, yes, gremlins are my “evil-doers” of choice right now).

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