March Madness Begins

It’s practically a holiday season here at headquarters. If I had the power, I’d give all of the staff a March Madness vacation. I mean, it’s really hard to catch all of the games on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament.

I will be filling out brackets for both the men’s and women’s tournaments. I have an entry in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Join my group if you feel so inclined (name: Swanny Group), then we can laugh at each others’ brackets. As soon as the tournament starts on Thursday, I will post my brackets here.

Have I mentioned how excited I am? For the next three weeks, please do not expect much more than tournament-related posts.

Go Kansas!

6 replies on “March Madness Begins”

Ah, we have another anonymous. It’s hard to keep three different ones straight. However, anonymous, isn’t that what you said last year? If I recall correctly, they were booted early and totally screwed up my bracket.

coworkers made me fill out one of those sheets tracking the tournament.

I picked Creighton to take it all, but then, i don’t know a darn thing about it all

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