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As you know, I’m a slacker. Add a short Easter vacation in the mix, and my slackingness has reached new heights. I do have a second week March Madness wrap-up coming. I will give you the abstract: “People won, people lost. I don’t really give a crap because Kansas lost in the first round.”

Okay, so that’s not exactly how I feel, but I do have a fair amount of apathy in regards to the remainder of the NCAA tournament.

On a completely different subject, I’ve noticed that politics, economics, and the like have not made a cameo on my weblog in quite sometime. I attribute this to my laziness. You know I have a lot opinions, and I’m really going to work on getting my thoughts down on everything from education to wildlife refuges.


March Madness 2005: Day 4 – More of the Same

There’s really not much to say about today. Teams won, teams lost. My bracket is pretty much down for the count. What else is there to talk about?

The bright spot for the day was my pick of NC State over U Conn. It’s not much but it’s something. The low spot was that Wisconsin didn’t cream Bucknell as I would have preferred. They won, of course, just not by enough to satisfy my vindictive tendencies.


March Madness 2005: Day 3 – I Quit

Wow. Tournament days like today are why I love March Madness. Well, love and hate it (I’m still crying about Kansas). I lost all hope for my bracket soon after Gonzaga lost. Screw it — I cheered for underdogs the rest of the day. With Wake Forest’s loss, my championship picks are both out.

Now I’m cheering for Vermont and Utah.

My women’s bracket is doing okay for now. Considering I made my picks in about 45 seconds, I think my women’s bracket is holding pretty well. Disappointing, though, is that I just realized today that Megan Mahoney of Kansas State (and Sturgis, SD!) is out with an achilles injury. This could be bad for my hopes of them making it to the Elite 8.


March Madness 2005: Day 2 – I Don’t Want to Talk About It

There are no words.

I’ll be the one in the corner crying, rocking back and forth, and drooling on myself.


March Madness 2005: Day 1

Firstly, if Gonzaga thinks it’s cool to play like crap and nearly ruin a chunk of my bracket, I have news for them. It’s totally not cool. I’ve got a few cutting words for Alabama as well. For now, (because I’m feeling so “zen”) I’ll chalk it up to the 5 vs. 12 tricky match up.

2005 champ

I was burned a couple times today, but for the most part I’m doing okay. I picked a couple outside shots (Iowa, UCLA, Creighton) and got burned. Of course, Creighton should have won their game. Also, I could have sworn I picked Nevada over Texas. In my head I did. I was even yelling at my TV cheering for Nevada. I think ESPN gremlins changed my choice on that game. UAB just beat LSU — again bad for me. Apparently, UAB decided they needed a nice follow up to last year’s (dare I say?) cinderella run.

I also have to give a little shout out to local team and 16 seed Montana which actually hung around no. 1 seed Washington. That’s pretty good given the matchup and the history of 1 vs. 16 seed games.

Kansas plays tomorrow. I shall be a nervous wreck by tomorrow morning.

(And, yes, gremlins are my “evil-doers” of choice right now).


Geek- –

For all my supposed geekiness, I haven’t been able to send mail from Thunderbird since I upgraded my operating system several months ago (and did a brand new install of Thunderbird, etc, etc). I attribute this to:

a) Bill Gates
b) My outgoing mail server
c) Stealthy unseen forces and gremlins
d) General laziness

Basically, don’t send stuff for which you want a reply to my email address. If it’s read-only, go ahead and send it.


March Madness Begins

It’s practically a holiday season here at headquarters. If I had the power, I’d give all of the staff a March Madness vacation. I mean, it’s really hard to catch all of the games on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament.

I will be filling out brackets for both the men’s and women’s tournaments. I have an entry in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Join my group if you feel so inclined (name: Swanny Group), then we can laugh at each others’ brackets. As soon as the tournament starts on Thursday, I will post my brackets here.

Have I mentioned how excited I am? For the next three weeks, please do not expect much more than tournament-related posts.

Go Kansas!

General Random Television


I just saw Penelope Cruz do an impression of Salma Hayek. Hilarious.

Miscellaneous investigative reporter uncovers coverup

Count yourself lucky as you may be among the first to hear about this breaking news story. Earlier this evening during an E! Television special on Celebrity beauty secrets, Jessica Simpson said her skin secret was Accutane. Her quote was something to the effect “My dermatologist put me on Accutane, and I haven’t had a break out since.”

Hmmm. But this is the same Jessica Simpson that has been touting ProActiv. Does this seem fishy to anyone else? So she says Proactiv fixed her skin and meanwhile she’s taking the big gun Accutane.

I hereby call out Proactiv and Jessica Simpson for deceptive advertising.

(Okay, I don’t know how “breaking” this story is, but interesting none the less. To me at least. And it’s my blog and that’s what matters.)

Geek Life

My first scarf, first flickr photo

Finally, I bring you a picture of my crocheted handiwork. I’d also like to point out the digital camera — my new Nikon Coolpix 3700. I assure you that it is even smaller than it looks. My hands are not that ginormous.