Against the odds

Yes, this is the obligatory Oscars post. I have nothing to say about the awards themselves. I didn’t see any of the movies up for best picture. I think I saw two of the performances for people nominated for acting categories. Given my lack of knowledge in the award area, I’m going to instead critique the women’s dresses.

Oscars dress collage

No, I do not have formal fashion training. However, I do know a few things about color. So this rant will be about color choices. Every woman has colors that look best on her. She KNOWS which color(s) look best on her. For example, if I was going to the Oscars, I would wear bright scarlet red. These celebrities have a large number of experts, and, hopefully, friends helping them get ready for the Oscars. So how do a good number of them get there looking like @$$?

A few guidelines:

  • If you have pale, pale skin, DO NOT wear a beige/taupe/tan dress. It will swallow you.
  • If you have darker skin, you can get away with most colors. However, avoid colors only a few shades away from your skin color.
  • If you know you look good in a particular color, WEAR IT.

A dress can be absolutely beautiful, but if it’s the wrong color for the person wearing it, it will look horrible. Again, why, famous people, why? Put those dollars to work — I’ll help a sista out next time around.

Celebrities who apparently have friends that like them: Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek

Celebrities who need better friends: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johannson, Diane Sawyer (morning round up on GMA), Halle Berry (for abusing the “I-can-wear-anything-and-look-good” zone), Taryn Manning

Celebrities very close to needing new friends: Cate Blanchett (the yellow was too close to her skin color), Annette Bening, the Deschanel sisters



This is the funniest error that one can possibly receive when browsing with Firefox. Um, yeah, because I’m sure it’s Firefox that has the “limited ability to properly display style sheets and javascript.”

Daktronics website error

I really expected better from Daktronics. Also, since when is throwing up a Javascript alert box upon someone’s entrance to a website an acceptable way to deal with browser compatibility issues?


Wow, that sucked.

I just upgraded from WordPress 1.2 to 1.5. And it sucked. A few words to the wise:

  • Back everything up (including WordPress files, database, and .htaccess).
  • Quadruple check that you’ve deactivated all plugins.
  • Delete your .htaccess file if you’re using clean permalinks.
  • Pause to pray to the WordPress gods.
  • If you’re as lucky as me, your main page will throw an error related to comments. Replace <?php include(ABSPATH . ‘wp-comments.php’); ?> with <?php comments_template(); // Get wp-comments.php template ?>.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances consider changing your weblog directory name “as long as you’re at it.” That’s just asking for much, much more trouble.

I’m not using the theme system correctly at this point, but that will be my next task. I’ll save it for when I really feel like scratching my own eyeballs out.


Oh, what to do.

So, some chick is stealing my Wally Szczerbiak collage for use as her background image. And she’s using my bandwidth for it.

This leaves me in an interesting situation. Should I be nice or not so nice? I’m leaning toward not so nice just because it would be more fun.

UPDATE: I went for the nice-but-not-extremely-nice approach. I would probably even let the girl continue to use it if she asked. Although I have serious concerns regarding the readability of her site.



Comment spam got out of hand again. I did some mass deleting in the database and might have accidentally nixed a perfectly good comment or two. Please accept my sincerest apologies.


The Gates

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the sensation of The Gates? Perhaps one has to view them in person to truly be inspired by the dayglo orange fabric. I would also appreciate an explanation as to how they are art. I’m sure they are — I’m just missing the overall vision. Maybe they’re art because they just are. Maybe they’re not supposed to mean anything, and that’s why they’re art (what a load of crap).

The massiveness of the project is apparent. Twenty some miles of gates through out Central Park, thousands of yards of fabric, LOTS of orange paint — very impressive. I still don’t get it. This must be something one has to see in person to appreciate.

Update 02/16/05 3:28pm: It didn’t take long for a vandal to pose the same question as me.


Weekend productivity at all-time low

I’m not sure that it’s even possible to be less productive in a weekend than I was. I did check out a cool band Friday night. Got home late — woke up at an equally late time. A scant three hours later, I took a nap.

(Oh, did I mention that Food Network had a Chocolate Obsession marathon on ALL WEEKEND? Me watching shows about chocolate all weekend. One would think that’s not a good combo.)

A new piano book has beget further non-productivity. The song of the hour is Sonata Pathétique by Beethoven. It’s 18 pages long, taking a good half hour to play completely through. I’ve played it many times this weekend. You do the math. Then calculate its inverse relationship to my weekend productivity.

Sunday I woke up late again and didn’t wander out of my apartment until four o’clock — and even then, the driving force behind that adventure was the search for coffee. Sad I know.

(By the way, did I tell you about the chocolate obsession marathon on Food Network and how I watched about six hours of it on Sunday? People putting gooey, smooth, yummy chocolate in everything. Me, a woman, watching this — for six hours.)

I drank coffee, did a little shopping, and finally gave into my weekend long chocolate craving. I bought some good dark chocolate, melted a small square and dipped some strawberries in it. I consider this to be the ultimate in restraint. The strawberries rocked, the craving satisfied.

Okay, full disclosure: I also had a little sugar-free chocolate pudding with my dinner. But it’s sugar-free and fat-free, and I will not feel bad about it.


How I Felt Today

How I felt today


Hate Mongers to Picket in Montana

An extremely radical, hate mongering group has decided that Montana should be its next target. I will not link to the group, but search for Westboro Baptist Church and you will find their website. Why have they chosen Montana as the target for their hate? Because it’s apparently such a safe haven for homosexuals. On their schedule is picketing the Montana Supreme Court (according to them “the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of Sodom”), various Helena churches (to them “apostate, pro-gay Arminian churches of Helena”) including the one I frequent, the University of Montana (because it’s “infested” with homosexuals), and Montana’s Lt. Governor John Bohlinger for his participation in a panel discussion on hate groups that took place at my place of employ.

The language they use is so heinous that I can’t bring myself to post it on my website. A cursory glance of their homepage is enough to make one vomit. I can’t wrap my head around the hate that this group is peddling. Among the items on their website — a counter of the days Matthew Shepard has been in hell, a counter of the days Diane Whipple has been in hell, and the exclamation of “Thank God for the tsunamis.”

It’s all sickening, and I can’t fully articulate my disbelief, horror, sorrow, and nausea at such outlandish, unfounded, and truly un-Christian hate. It’s sad that they don’t know that God is love — not hate.

Life Miscellaneous


Remember that scene in Garden State where they stand on heavy machinery and scream as loud/hard as they can? I felt like doing that today.