Christmas in South Dakota

Christmas in South Dakota means that I must jaunt a large distance the long way across Montana. This would mean that I have a solid eight hours of “me” time to ponder life’s greatest questions. A few pontifications:

  • Who ever thought to put yellow lines down the center of road to devise a system in which dashed meant one could pass and solid meant no passing? Who came up with this? It’s quite genius if you ask me.
  • Who was the first person to think up dim/bright lights? It’s obviously a solution to a problem, but who did it? I would imagine the first cars didn’t have lights at all, then someone added lights so people could drive at night, then some thinker came up with the idea of dim lights and bright lights.
  • How did road signage evolve? Every thing is so common place now, but where did it start? After cars were introduced was there a committee that worked out traffic laws and signage, or did it evolve from common practice?

Obviously, conversation with myself got a little boring after a few hours. At least the trip was not as, um, long as last year’s Christmas drive.

Happy Holidays to all!


Winter Finally Finds Montana

Winter has been quite sluggish in finding Montana. In November when it was nearly nice enough to play tennis and most of this month so far when it was reminiscent of spring, I was perfectly okay with it. But as Christmas approacheth and heavy sweaters I want to wear lay dormant in my closet, I begin to long for winter. I long for a bit of winter where it is between 0 and 20 degrees, and I must bundle up against the crisp air.

Just as the brown, ugly, exposed grass was getting to me, the temperature dipped and we were showered with a smattering of snow. It was barely enough to accumulate a skiff on the sidewalks and grass, but I’ll take what I can get.

You all might think I’m crazy inviting winter. However, not having winter tends to cause a lot of problems. We have a lot of forests here in western Montana. In the summer the price is paid when dry forests spark up. Kayakers all around are angry because rivers are too shallow to float on. Deer and other similar wildlife move to road ditches to find food and in the process generate an all too easy game of “road hunting.”

And on top of all this, my awesome down jacket has not seen enough action this winter.


You’re hired!

Good has triumphed over evil fembot.


Annoying Things

Things/people/etc annoying me right now:

  • The misspelling of the word ‘sepArate.’ It’s not sepErate, people!
  • TLC shows that change their highly successful format to something that sucks. The point of the show is that there is a budget. I don’t want teams on Trading Spaces to have $2000 for a room. It’s not the same challenge. I want them to have to fashion vases out of milk cartons to stay within budget.
  • Slow drivers. As always.
  • Piano book volumes that don’t use a spiral binding. I should NOT have to prop heavy books at either end of the music to keep it open. How much does a spiral binding cost when it could mean sanity vs. insanity for your customers? (P.S. I will pay extra to save my sanity).
  • The person who keeps smoking in my building stairwell. That would be the building stairwell that has no ventilation.
  • People that don’t post in their blogs often enough. And then when they do post, they write lame lists of things that annoy them.

On Blogging Anonymously

Is it possible? I tend to think no. Obviously, I never really tried given my domain name, but some do. However, to be successful at blogging anonymously, one has to be so restrained as to never (and I mean NEVER) give personal details on the blog — much less let friends know it exists.

Which brings me to another question — can an anonymous blog be as successful as a non-anonymous blog? I ask because it seems nearly impossible to create blog material that absolutely leaves out any identifying details, scenarios, or experiences. How often do bloggers relate content to work or life experiences? And isn’t that relation in content the interesting part — the part where you feel like you get a glimpse into a person’s thoughts and life happenings?

I can only see that someone could successfully blog anonymously if the blog was an entire work of fiction. And even then, it would only take one person looking up the domain registration information to out the person.


Ensuring future Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The triple threat: many hours typing, an evening of crocheting, and a short stint on the piano. I don’t think my fingers can handle this kind of schedule.

Maybe I should have played tennis tonight instead.


$level = NOVICE;

This meager beginning of a scarf took me two hours. I am spent.

Meager scarf beginnings