Missing the Target Audience

I was checking out a story on Yahoo News today, when I noticed an interesting sidebar advertisement. It was an animated ad against Tom Daschle, Senate Minority Leader, from South Dakota. The senatorial race between Tom Daschle and Republican opponent, John Thune is quite the heated contest in South Dakota.

Yahoo News screenshot

I was intrigued by the sidebar ad. I refreshed the page about a zillion times trying to get screenshots of it. Of course, the ad rolled out, but intriguingly enough, I came across two more.

Daschle ad 1 thumbnailDaschle ad 2 thumbnailDaschle ad 3 thumbnail

The ads, aptly sponsored by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, are pretty run-of-the-mill attack ads. Except the third one. It was an animated ad, though I didn’t catch the first screenshot that said “Still undecided about the senatorial race?” Notice the outline of South Dakota. If this ad is getting at what I think it is, um, wow. I love the loose association. Did Cheney come up with this ad?

What is more disturbing is the choice of location for these ads. How many South Dakotans actually saw them? I would guess the number would be really, really low. Maybe 100? Did the NRSC do any market research? Anyone that’s taken Marketing 101 would tell you that a sidebar advertisement on Yahoo News is not the way to reach South Dakotans.

But then again, the South Dakotan Republican party still sends me propaganda. Yes, even though I live in Montana and am not a registered voter in South Dakota.