the weekend approacheth

My 5-year high school reunion is on Saturday. I have mixed feelings (I keep in touch with, oh, about 2 people from high school). But, I’ll back to the homeland. Hopefully, I will get to see my old roomie who is doing a law internship in Rapid City, SD.

I’m leaving the laptop to hold down the fort in Helena.



Some of you may have heard that a minor Microsoft web page was owned a couple days ago. I got a screenshot. I also thought it would be fun to do a spoof with a more *cough* appropriate book listed.

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WordPress 1.2

I finally got WordPress 1.2 installed as a dev blog. I have imported all previous MT entries. Soon I’ll put in the time and effort to get the templates set up in my stripped-down mode.

But, it probably won’t happen this weekend as it is a holiday weekend, after all.

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please think of the children

This could possibly be the most offensive, horrible, and explicit piece of code I have ever seen:

             <b><font color="#ff3333">
                  Help us Help you, renew your registration by mail!

[Source: Lewis & Clark County website ]


word of the freaking day

For the love of God, people, can you please spell the word correctly? It’s not sepErate — it’s S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E.

Geek Programming

a simpler time

Any loyal reader knows my thought processes are random and chaotic. Last night (or this morning, rather) I woke up from a disturbing dream. After somewhat processing it, my mind moved on to Troy. A short time later (and mind you, this was at about 4:30 in the morning), I had a great longing to code a struct.

Structs are so useful, so perfect, and so simple. They especially seemed so at 4:30 in the am this morning.


don’t worry, no spoilers

I went to see Troy this afternoon. Good flick. (Okay, I’ll be honest, Achilles/Brad Pitt is hot. Bonus character: Hector/Eric Bana). Back to the movie…The movie itself is a great action film, but it caused a bad case of ambivalence. I couldn’t decide for whom to root. Watch the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As usual, the movie left out a few things. Watch the movie, then read up on the characters, especially Aeneus.


Six Apart listens

Kudos to Six Apart for listening and responding to the collective blogosphere uproar over the past couple days. Early this morning, they clarified and changed the personal licensing structure. And, the changes make MT3 much more reasonable for the average user, although the family blog could still be a problem.

Me? I’m still planning to move to WordPress. But, it really has nothing to do with MT3 or angst over the licensing structure.


make way Movable Type

Movable Type has been good to me. But lately, it just hasn’t been up to snuff. I’m sick of only being able to use it in IE (I’m not sure why, but nothing works in Firefox). I’m sick of strange rebuilding errors. I want to save something and have it appear on my site without having to rebuild. I want something written in PHP. I want something everyone else ISN’T using (it’s the rebel in me).

Don’t get me wrong, Movable Type is a great tool. I’ve just decided to move on.

I started this post in late April and never finished it. But, given Six Apart’s announcements today, I felt the need to finish it.

The announcements basically mean that if I want to continue using MT the way I do today and ever wish to upgrade to 3.0, I will need to dole out at least $150 ($120 if I catch it at the introductory price).

“So,” you might say, “you’ve been using MT for free for 10 months and now that they want you to pay for it, you’re upset.” I do not begrudge Six Apart wanting to support an MT development team. It’s just further confirmation that my decision to move to WordPress or make my own is the right decision.

The problem is that I am not locked into MT as some end users are. I am a web programmer. I can use WordPress and add code to do what it won’t, if necessary. (Although, I doubt I will need to as their dev blog makes me expect a super new feature rich WordPress 1.2).

This is also what my conscience is telling me. I want to use open source software to power my blog. I also want to contribute to that community. I may drop a little change into the Six Apart collection jar as I exit, but I’m looking forward to supporting an open source weblogging system.

Now, I just need to wait a week to see what WordPress 1.2 has for me.

Update: This blog does a pretty good analysis of pricing vs. what the average MT user is willing to pay.

Update: The Six Apart announcement has been slashdotted, and the Six Apart website is suffering from the Slashdot Effect.

Update: I want to clarify that I am not absolutely opposed to paying for MT3. Maybe I would pay $70 to have a non-conditional personal license (i.e. as many weblogs and authors I want — for personal use). But I would have to pay a lot more than that to get the functionality I currently have, thus the tiered personal license structure seems hokie to me. Jason Kottke explains my feelings on the personal license structure much better than I ever could.


the rules of the circuit

I’ve got a few rules for those that choose to circuit train in oblivion:

  1. If there are a bajillion spots open on the circuit, do not get on within 2 machines of me. Because when I must do the leg machine twice (one time for each leg), you will, inevitably, end up right beside me.
  2. If the circuit is full, and you must be next to me, then when it’s time to go to the next machine, do it quickly. Don’t try to sneak in extra reps, because then you’re cutting my time short.
  3. If you are vertically challenged and must use the “booster” cushion, remove it when you leave the machine. When you don’t it cuts into the reps I can get in.
  4. If you are randomly moving about the circuit, then get the heck out of my way if I am actually following the circuit — and the machine you’re on is my next machine
  5. Employees: please do not play music that is gospel with a dance beat. I don’t want to hear hymns while I work out. And I want to hear them to a dance beat even less.