Dear email gods

I am waiting for my invitation to partake in the bounty that is Gmail. I read on someone’s website that some Google Gmail invitations to people with Yahoo accounts were getting bounced to the Bulk Mail folder. Erm.

Now I have a Gmail induced paranoia that I will delete my invitation — the invitation to freedom from the “84% of 6.0 MB” mail storage limit warning that I must face everyday.

I have added a filter and must religiously check my Bulk Mail folder which I previously deleted without care.

Love me Google, because I love you!

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I know I’m a nobody and only found your site by accident, but you might be pleased to know that Yahoo! will soon be upgrading their email accounts from 6meg to 100meg. Premium users will get an even higher limit. All in response to Gmail.

Basically, hang in there and you’ll suddenly find that you go from 85% to 5%.

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