bloody taxes, etc.

On taxes: Because I’m very much ahead of the game, I finished up my state tax forms tonight. Yes, dear South Dakotans, most people must file state income tax returns. Bah. And, luckily, to make things more time consuming, I made income in three different states last year.

On site redesign: I’m working on it though I’ve been distracted. I have recruited my much more talented sister to do the graphic work. I’m very excited about this.

On horses: I hear that another of my parents’ mares has foaled with more to follow. I will post pictures as they become available.

On driving: Driving through eastern Wyoming (vertically) is really boring. I did it twice over the Easter weekend.

On sporting goods: My roommates and friends used to joke that I kept a fully stocked sporting goods store under my bed. Now I can not find anything. I haven’t the foggiest where my tennis rackets, softball glove, and other assorted equipment are. Grrr.