baby pictures!

Check out the new additions to the Swan Quarter Horse family.

new baby Flickin Flyin with mama Shaka Flick

Stella, daughter of Dani

The first baby is Flickin Flyin whose mother is Shaka Flick, a top AAA running horse that has set track records. The father is Dashin Is Easy. We have high hopes for this little guy.

The second baby is Stella. Dani or I Ran For Dan is little Stella’s mother. I’m not sure on the sire. I’m told she has crooked legs which isn’t good for a running horse. But she’s only a couple days old! I have faith she’ll be a runner too.

I would go pet them right now if I wasn’t 500 miles away.

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Gosh, is that your family’s stables? How lovely, and what a pretty foal.

I just saw today that I can pay $50 and take a horse trail riding in Marin County, so maybe I’ll do that one day when I’m there.

Well, I believe the pictures were actually taken at my brother’s house. But word on the street is that more foals are cropping up at my parents’. More pictures should be on the way soon.

As for masks on racing horses, they serve to distinguish horses based on the color of the mask (this is probably mostly for the benefit of viewers). However, more importantly, because of the way horse’s eyes are set, they can see backwards as well as forwards. The mask include blinders which keep the horse looking forward — important to keep the race horse focused and on task.

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