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For the month of April, I shall be doing not much but walking it seems. I signed up for a walking program at work. The wellness program, entitled Dream Destination Fun Walk, is supposed to get us out and walking during the month of April. The idea, roughly, is that each person will walk 200 miles during the duration of the month. People form teams (or not) and the accumulated miles put us closer to our “dream destination.”

A few of the team destinations include:

a pub in Oregon
Anchorage, AK
Laguna Beach, CA
Old Faithful
Phoenix, AZ

My team, consisting mostly of IT people, is walking to Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is 1879.4 miles from here. I highly doubt we will make it to our dream destination. Perhaps, we’ll get to Butte, MT, which is a whopping 70 miles south of Helena.

Here’s the problem. You might have, when I mentioned I needed to walk 200 miles in April, done some quick math. And in doing such calculations might have come up with a figure around 6.666666 miles per day as the requirement for fulfilling such a lofty goal. That’s a lot of friggin’ miles. Of course, I was told by many that the miles add up more than one would think. To them I say, “cha-right!”. So, now in addition to my regular workout, I shall be adding walking, walking, and more walking.

I wear a pedometer at all times, but the walking requirements of a desk job don’t really rack up the miles. So if it seems like I’m talking circles around you, I probably am. Literally. If I stand still while I talk to you, my pedometer isn’t ticking.

My ultimate plan involved walking to work. I even set my alarm 30 minutes early to make a go of it. Then, on April 1st when I rolled over, my eyes were met with the icy greeting of a deluge of snow. It was like God’s little April Fool’s joke on my walking program.

Here are my totals so far:
April 1st – 4.5 miles – 3.5 of which came from the treadmill and elliptical trainer at the fitness center.
April 2nd – 2.5 miles – most of which were racked up when I walked to the pub after work to have a beer with co-workers instead of walking to the fitness center to get my butt on the treadmill.

So let’s do some totals:
200.0 – 7.0 = only 193.0 miles left!

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I wrack up most of my miles on the weekends. A friend and I have started exploring Rock Creek Park and clock in an average of 20 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

I lug my photo equip. with me and shoot photos for my portfolio while I’m out – killing two birds with one stone. 🙂

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