It’s that time of year again.

I’d better get a phone call about 3:04pm tomorrow.

Geek Open Source Opinion

Bringing open source to Joe User

I’m afraid open source may never catch on — that is, if the community doesn’t realize a few things. I am aware that I will in no way be making original remarks here. These are just my thoughts.


aforementioned fabulous shoes

this is my best Betty Boop pose

I will try to get a better picture at a future date. In related news, my digital camera sucks in low light.



I have no motivation. I’m in a spring slump. Thus no redesign. Thus no weblog for my parents’ site. Thus no start to learning a new programming language. Thus no finishing putting all my pictures in albums and writing appropriate labels. Thus no changes in my reading list. Thus no good entries in this weblog.

But I did buy some fabulous new shoes.


No, your city is not the center of the universe just because you think so

Today I read a humor column that presented the most shrewd, wise, and well-written (and, of course, humorous) opinion on a subject that has been bothering me lately. The problem I speak of is arrogance regarding one’s superiority based on location.


Dear email gods

I am waiting for my invitation to partake in the bounty that is Gmail. I read on someone’s website that some Google Gmail invitations to people with Yahoo accounts were getting bounced to the Bulk Mail folder. Erm.

Now I have a Gmail induced paranoia that I will delete my invitation — the invitation to freedom from the “84% of 6.0 MB” mail storage limit warning that I must face everyday.

I have added a filter and must religiously check my Bulk Mail folder which I previously deleted without care.

Love me Google, because I love you!


oh, Apprentice how I love thee

I love The Apprentice. Have I mentioned this before? I don’t remember.

Highlights of the finale: I picked Bill and Amy as my top two from the beginning, and I was right. Also, Carolyn must still be glowing from her SNL stint as she actually cracked a smile on the show.

On a related note, I watch too much television.


bloody taxes, etc.

On taxes: Because I’m very much ahead of the game, I finished up my state tax forms tonight. Yes, dear South Dakotans, most people must file state income tax returns. Bah. And, luckily, to make things more time consuming, I made income in three different states last year.

On site redesign: I’m working on it though I’ve been distracted. I have recruited my much more talented sister to do the graphic work. I’m very excited about this.

On horses: I hear that another of my parents’ mares has foaled with more to follow. I will post pictures as they become available.

On driving: Driving through eastern Wyoming (vertically) is really boring. I did it twice over the Easter weekend.

On sporting goods: My roommates and friends used to joke that I kept a fully stocked sporting goods store under my bed. Now I can not find anything. I haven’t the foggiest where my tennis rackets, softball glove, and other assorted equipment are. Grrr.


baby pictures!

Check out the new additions to the Swan Quarter Horse family.

new baby Flickin Flyin with mama Shaka Flick

Stella, daughter of Dani

The first baby is Flickin Flyin whose mother is Shaka Flick, a top AAA running horse that has set track records. The father is Dashin Is Easy. We have high hopes for this little guy.

The second baby is Stella. Dani or I Ran For Dan is little Stella’s mother. I’m not sure on the sire. I’m told she has crooked legs which isn’t good for a running horse. But she’s only a couple days old! I have faith she’ll be a runner too.

I would go pet them right now if I wasn’t 500 miles away.


walk it off

For the month of April, I shall be doing not much but walking it seems. I signed up for a walking program at work. The wellness program, entitled Dream Destination Fun Walk, is supposed to get us out and walking during the month of April. The idea, roughly, is that each person will walk 200 miles during the duration of the month. People form teams (or not) and the accumulated miles put us closer to our “dream destination.”