it’s almost like when the Volante prints professor salaries

And now I know that the President of USD likes John Kerry. Oh, and you might notice on the same page that Ted Waitt (and his wife) favor Joe Lieberman.

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so what, huh?

So what if I’m smitten with the music of Jet? So what if I want to dance around my apartment to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”?

I’m considering it practice for dancing around as Kansas sashays through the bracket.


i heart the internet

A while back, I watched the dark, but beautiful film The Safety of Objects. Additionally, the soundtrack was exquisite, but nowhere to be found.

I soon discovered through a quick search (of Amazon, B&N, etc) that, much to my dismay, no official soundtrack was mixed.

Tonight, I took up the search again. A google search later and any doubt (not that there was any) as to the abundance of information available on the most random subjects was erased. The site may have sported a black background with an obnoxious mix of yellow, red, and green text, but I didn’t care. It had all the information I needed along with the mp3s of the best songs. Now I have them all. Also, the band is Bullet. Don’t waste your time looking for their website. It doesn’t exist according to google.

However, I will gladly compensate them for the tracks I took from the one guy’s website. Seriously. Bullet, if you read this, and want a reasonable amount for the tracks, I will gladly capitulate.

Side note #1: The internet is also helpful with very vague information specs. Apparently, the one song that I loved on that one episode of Without a Trace was “One of These Mornings” by Moby (sung by someone else of course).

Side note #2: I love Jet’s “Get Hyper” CD. In line with my recent proclivity for buying CDs, I ordered four more from Columbia House. (Shut up. It was buy one get three free with reduced shipping. I am only human.). Soon Maroon 5, The Raveonettes, Jason Mraz, and Cowboy Junkies will be mine.


easily amused

Day’s highlight: The new book by 37signals arriving randomly in the mail at work. (A perk of having a co-worker that doubles as a faculty member).

In unrelated geek news, I finally upgrading to Firefox on my home machine. I have been rockin’ it at work (along with the web developer extension) since the day Firefox was released, but now I am grooving at home too. I also upgraded Thunderbird two points– from 0.3 to 0.5. And I feel FINE.

Almost forgot: For my site redesign, I am considering making the leap to WordPress. I am currently testing it out– seeing how it purrs. So far so good, and I’m loving the mod_rewrite capabilities.

Update: is no longer celebrating the holidays. We are now feeling free spirited with graffiti. We considered graffiting the whole crappy site with things like ‘you are teh suck,’ but with much restraint, we resisted.


in which I extoll about a day

Today was that day. You know, that first day, after months of winter, where the temperature reaches 60 degrees. The windows are thrown open at the office, the air is fresh, and one walks with a quicker step.

I found myself with renewed energy simply from walking to my car after work. It was one of those days when I feel as though I should exfoliate my feet and put a fresh coat of pink or red polish on my toes.

It was one of those days when I can simply taste spring.

It was one those days where I got home from work, and it wasn’t dark. Bright sunshine was streaming through my windows, and I flung open my window to breathe in the fresh, crisp air.

It was one of those kind of days that can cause extreme bouts of spring fever. Because, in the back of my mind, spring has not yet sprung, and I know that it could (and probably will) blizzard in April.

But, at least for today, it was beautiful.


It’s all fun and games until


Yes, mother I’m opinionated. (I mean, you did raise me, I would think you already knew this).
And, yes, mother I swear. But only once in a while.