to sleep, perchance to dream

Quite the adventurous saga met me in a dream state a few nights ago. It’s a good thing that I don’t really believe in dream interpretation, or I might have to face that I’m crazy. Many dream facts didn’t correlate directly to real facts as dream facts are wont to do.

My parents and I were visiting Montana. While we were there, rebel forces staged a coup and took over the entire state of Montana. Everyone was forced to leave their homes and live in the shelters created for us. The shelters were little more than canvas thrown on top of poles sticking out the ground. All the buildings of Helena (MT, USA) were piles of stones. It looked like a German city after WWII. The kicker is that no other state or the federal government would send help. No troops, no support, no nothing. I’m not sure what that says about Montana. After thirty-nine years, the former leader managed to take back the state and force out the rebels. And the people rejoiced.

My parents and I took the first flight back to South Dakota.

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