Thought #1 for the night

Dear Alias Producers and Casting Directors,

As my sister was not able to answer this question, I must now bring it before you. I am an avid Alias watcher and must say that during the last episode something struck me as odd. Why is it that the character of Lauren Reed (played by Melissa George) has an Australian accent, but both of her parents are American? Her parents on the show have no accent whatsoever, yet Lauren has an Australian accent? This seems at odds, don’t you think? I’m not against someone with an Australian accent having a high level position at the National Security Agency, it just doesn’t seem logistically accurate.

Other than that, I love the show. I look forward to your response.



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Melissa George is from Australia, that’s why I called it an Australian accent. But, if you are correct, an accent of any sort would make a lot more sense. And on what episode was this information introduced?

I don’t remember her accent being Australian–in my memory, it sounds like a London accent. Maybe you’re right, though.

Regardless, her character was definitely raised in London. According to my Google search, it was revealed in episode 6 of the season, “The Nemesis”.

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