Reason #471 to love James Spader

I am about 27 years late on this discovery, but I totally just realized that James Spader is Steff the jerk in Pretty in Pink.

God bless you, Mr. Spader.

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Speaking of Pretty In Pink, out of curiousity, I opened your site in IE. You have color???? I had no idea! you should check it out in mozilla sometime–you have some funky stuff (and it’s black & white). (which is why I made that comment a month or so ago about your simple design).

And, out of spite, I must append to my last comment,…”Any good designer would view it in multiple browsers.” And then I’d stick out my tongue and run away before I got slapped. 😛

I’m guessing that your default skin in Mozilla was the holiday skin. Since I completely removed it, the styleswitcher finds no style to apply.

So, try scrolling down until you get to the skin listing and choose a different one. This something I expected might happen for someone, though I probably should have mentioned it so people would know.

Also, I should note, that since I develop and test in Firefox, Mozilla will never be the browser that doesn’t work. If anything, it would be IE. But then, I do test in IE extensively for the 80% of the populace that hasn’t seen the light.

I also love that it is a rare (and grudging) task for you to open IE and check something out. I also open IE very, very rarely. And when I do, I get frustrated because of its lackings.

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