March Madness: Day 1

1:38 pm: After starting the day with a lovely 0-2 record, I am now 1-2. The bracket is still somewhat in place since I did not have the teams that lost this morning winning in the next round.

1:40 pm: Southern Illinois, please get yourself together.

4:59 pm: Darn you Salukis. Um, Wake Forest could be just a little kinder to my blood pressure? This morning my blood pressure was officially okay, but you darn near ruined that. Also, the whole “work” thing is really making it hard to follow games. However, now I am off to the grocery store, then home to plop myself directly in front of CBS broadcasting.

11:35 pm: At some point when filling out my bracket, I apparently lost all ability to reason. Today was not good to me. Let’s hope tomorrow is kinder. I’m going to bed.

Final record for the day: 10-6 (possibly the worst I’ve ever done)