Bush be gone

Up until this week, I wasn’t sure who had my presidential vote in 2004. I still don’t, but I now know for who I’m not voting — George W. Bush.

I’ve hemmed and hawed, weighed and measured, and contrasted and compared political views among the candidates. Could I compromise my stance against national healthcare to vote for a candidate that would rid our nation of the cumbersome Patriot Act? Could I vote for a candidate that would introduce inefficiencies in the U.S. economy for the sake of a higher minimum wage and funneled monies to various economic sectors? Could I get behind a candidate that brings the U.S. into wars with seemingly weak reasoning?

Economics is very close to my heart. Honestly, economic thought generally guides my vote. I can’t stand for inefficiencies in the economy that only serve to lower productivity, destroy incentives, and contribute to lesser wealth. In general, if a candidate of any level is against free trade, I won’t vote for him or her. I will leave that part of the ballot empty if necessary. A strong economic policy is completely of paramount importance to me. But, yesterday, I came across this, and I suddenly had clarity. Economics is close to my heart, but even closer to my heart and even my soul, are the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I have grown up believing in these written works — works declaring “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” open to everyone regardless of sex, religion, race, or, I believe, sexual orientation. How can anyone propose a Constitutional amendment that would discriminate against an entire group of people? This angers, frustrates, and saddens me.

And crosses a candidate off my list.


it’s flexible not flexable

I’m tired tonight. I have not a good reason to be so. However, it makes me unable to write a decent post. But, even if I were so tired I couldn’t prop open an eyelid, I wouldn’t spell flexible wrong (*cough* Kmart *cough*).

Politics Rant

Bad, bad ideas

We’ve already established, at some point, that I watch a lot of television. Lately, this has included a healthy dose of CSPAN. What else does one have to do around 1 am on a Monday? This time I couldn’t pull myself away from a meetup in Wisconsin. The meetup came on the eve of the Wisconsin primary and took place in a small coffee shop in Madison. Vanessa Kerry (yes, daughter of John) led the question and answer session.

How do I summarize?

Interesting? yes.
Frustrating? YES!! %&$@#*$!!


Nicole’s Law?

Why is it that the more time I think I have, the less I accomplish?

There has to be some sort of law that extends from this (ala Murphy’s Law). If not, I have dibs. I think I’ll call it Nicole’s Law. Original, don’t you think?


Yes, I once was a Java geek

My recent foray back into OOP through the use of PHP 5 has had me thinking about my past times in Java development–namely my JSP work. PHP 5 is very Java-like with interfaces, private and protected data members, and exception throwing.


officially crap

Website, you are not web standards compliant, show poor use of color, and lack usability and accessibility. I’m sorry, but you’re fired!

(Can you tell I’ve been watching The Apprentice?)


Why I could never be Whitehouse Press Secretary

Subtitle: How does Scott Mclellan do it?
Sub-subtitle: This must be why Ari Fleischer quit

After watching a press briefing on CSPAN, I had a strong will to kill myself. Slowly. How does Scott Mclellan do it? Answering nitpicking question after stupid question about nonconsequential topics. The topic that drove me to the edge of sanity and insanity? The President’s military service record.

Questioner: Scott, may I re-ask Dana’s question? You keep saying he served — he fulfilled his duty, he met his requirements. You’re not saying, he drilled, he showed up, he attended. Is that intentional?

SM’s Answer: No, he recalls performing his duties, both in Alabama and Texas. I said that in response to Elisabeth’s question.

Questioner: Define that.

SM: Well, again, I don’t have a minute-by-minute breakdown of every single thing he did throughout that time period.

Q: What did he do?

Q: You keep saying the word, “serve.” Define “serve.”

I’m all for good journalism, but sheesh. I don’t think these are the ‘probing’ questions that (I) need answered.


the tale of a foot

Boys are bad. Well, bad for my ankles at least. I joined the faculty/staff intramural team where I work (consisting of me, the only woman, and a bunch of men) looking for a little sporting fun. The second game, first play, I turned my ankle. To tell you it didn’t hurt would be a lie. It’s officially okay, it’s just quite swollen now. I have pictures, but I’m not sure as to the stomaching capacity of my viewing audience, so I will keep them to myself for now.

In other news, the fac/staff team has been relegated to the women’s league. I’m fine with that. I think the guys are too: no more shirts or skins.


the quest for a candidate

Can my political views be summed correctly via a simple quiz? Doubtful, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Here are the results which show the candidates ranked according to their alignment with my views (as gathered from the quiz):

Bush 38%
Kucinich 30%
Dean 30%
Kerry 23%
Edwards 23%
Clark 23%
Sharpton 15%

The results thoroughly disappointed me not because my best match is Bush, but because the top result matched only 38% of my views. So at best I could vote for a candidate that I only agreed with 38% of the time.

Views supposedly matched with Bush:
Health coverage
Social security
School vouchers
Free trade

Views mismatched:
Prescription drugs
Gay rights
Tax breaks (marked issue as unimportant — thought the question was leading)
Patriot Act
Abortion (marked issue as unimportant)
Gun control (marked issue as unimportant)
Education reform

Oddly enough, the candidate most matched by people through a summation of all quiz takers’ results is Kucinich.


I am so cool

Me and my freakin huge mass of an ankle