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a grand opening

While doing various web development work and extensive reading on the subject, I’ve come across many cool tips. I always thought to myself ‘Hmm. I should write that down so I remember it.’ Then, I thought, ‘I bet someone else would find that helpful — or not.’ Thus, was born semicolons and slashes. You may stumble across it and find something useful. But really, if I’m being honest, it’s a way for me to log my findings and create a sort of web development tips and tricks reservoir. Of course, I’m not going to abide entirely by those boundaries. You may find an occasional application development tip or other programming trick.

Also, you’ll notice a mini-blog called ‘small-fry’ to the left. small-fry is my way to keep track of the many, many links for cool things that I come across. It could be related to web dev or not.

Additionally, you should find that this portion of is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant (if you ever find otherwise please let me know — [Edit: and now 508 compliant as well]


Update: This section of my website no longer exists. Post is still here for posterity’s sake.