Frozen in time

My mind froze. For what may be the first time in my life, words couldn’t form. It’s a really strange feeling to not be able to say what I’m thinking. My mind soon cleared, and words once again spilled out of my mouth. However, I must say that it was strange to be stuck in my mind.


Did you miss me?

I’m back. Did you miss me? I doubt it, but here’s the tale of my adventures (misadventures?) in the last week.


Guess what?

Vermtown here I come! Wheeee!


Thing I’ve learned in my life

A short list of things I’ve learned in my life;

It will always rain right after I wash my car.
Mosquitoes are the work of the devil.
A person really can play piano 3+ hours a day.
Mice think they’re sneaky, but they’re really not.
No matter what I do, my mom will find a way to make me feel bad about it.
I need a job.
Most other people besides me have hot dentists.
Micro$oft is winning.
My grandparents rock.
College friends are much better than high school ones. So to Vermillion I must go.


I need a job

Reasons #237 and #451 why I need a job;

The closest towns to me have populations of 54, 675, and 115.
My spirit is dying.


I am but a geek at heart

I hope someone out there can appreciate this as much as I do. Tim’s recent entry made me think about this. Hehe.


Why women will one day rule the free world

Women will one day rule the free world. I will tell you why. As children, we do not play cops and robbers, GI Joe, or Quake III. We are much more industrious. We are born businesswomen and politicians. We just haven’t realized our full potential …yet.


jack hanna missed econ

Jack Hanna must have skipped econ 101. I flipped on ABC this morning to catch him praising the work of a man in Ecuador that saved little monkeys (sp?) by trading local villagers a horse or cow for monkeys in their possession. The monkeys were then released to roam freely in the lush green jungles. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Um, not really. This man is inadvertantly creating a market for the monkeys. Any smart villager that wants cows or horses will soon realize that monkeys are the ticket. And, as Emeril would say, bam! We’ve got ourselves a market.

On another note, I have been up a grand total of 2 hrs. And I have accomplished nothing but drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, and playing piano. I’m sure helping the economy with my non-productiveness.


no me gustan

no me gustan;

pears o raspberries
Blackout 2003
excessive questions
most blues
overly dramatic people
constant noise
being unemployed
the Green party
Christina Aguilera
tariffs and protectionist policies
olive drab
mindless conversation


just a list

A few of my favorite things;

Late Night with Conan O’Brien
‘The Heart Asks Pleasure First’ by Michael Nyman (I almost have the marcato on the melody conquered)
classical song titles (ex. Rondo a Capriccio: Rage over a lost penny)
frozen lemon torte in the summertime
not wearing a bra
the Artisan Kitchenaid mixer in red
my car
free trade
catching mice
a good book
being alone
being with friends
Adam Smith
anything sung by Chris Cornell or Josh Groban
She Spies
the smell of sheets freshly dried outside
my laptop
success after strain
Prismacolor colored pencils