My feat for today

Success is mine! Today I grabbed the piano book off the shelf that I have not been able to conquer. It is music by Michael Nyman from the movie ‘The Piano’. Hard stuff. I have not touched it but once or twice since I bought it a year ago. I like to play things by sight. If I cannot do that, I usually toss it aside. The lazy way, I know, but my patience is lacking in this area. Since being gamefullly unemployed, I play piano sometimes over two hours a day. (It’s quite the relaxing hobby. I highly recommend it.) However, today I defeated the book, sight-reading and all. What else shall I accomplish today?


Stupidity Abounds

Argh! I just saw a news story about South Dakota’s new ‘free’ prescription card for seniors. The story noted that the card offered the smallest savings among most other prescription savings plans. A pharmacist was then interviewed who stated that (paraphrased) ‘since the state doesn’t give them more cash, they can’t offer better savings for the state card.’ This seemingly small statement may seem insignificant, but exhibits the exact problem with most government programs and, more disheartening, offers a glimpse into the mind of the average voter.


Fence, mice, and other things

I fixed fence today. I drove the steel posts in and everything. How very rural of me, don’t you think?

In the last two weeks, I have captured seven mice in my room. Seven mice in a 10×15 foot area. For the card-carrying PETA members out there–no, I didn’t use live traps. Good riddance.

Is it normal for a person not to know what IHOP stands for? I think not.

Is it normal for South Dakota to be almost as hot as Death Valley? Apparently. There’s nothing quite like 110+ F and almost getting a third degree burn when I shut the back of my SUV.

A tax return is a great salve for unemployment stress.



What if there are more galaxies than ours? Suppose there are Snickers, Babe Ruth, and Almond Joy galaxies out there, in addition to our little Milky Way. Each is God’s little experiment. Maybe He tweaked each establishment just a little — perhaps improving each time, perhaps not.

Like a dutiful scientist, he watches over each galaxy. Are they abiding by His commandments? Did Eve of Earth in the Snickers galaxy not eat of the forbidden fruit? Are we as I write this participating in some sort of intergalactic competition? Perhaps us landing on our moon in 1969 would have impressed Him if the Earthlings of Almond Joy hadn’t already accomplished that feat in 1943 (they weren’t entangled in a second world war). We can comfort ourselves in the fact that the Babe Ruth variation has not yet made it into space and haven’t yet located their Pluto.

Well, I like to think that we’ll catch up with the Almond Joy in the next quarter century and learn a little something from the Snickers natural resource conservation efforts.


Public Apology

I, Nicole, publicly apologize for being a weblog delinquent. In my defense, I have been to Texas and back in the last week. I apologize for buzzing through Vermillion yesterday and not stopping although I was in town for a meager 10 1/2 minutes. Next, I apologize for having achieved a new level of haughtiness. My cynicism and sarcasm is at an all-time high (I blame Doug J. for this — he taught me by example). I apologize for having broken links on my ePortfolio. Finally, I apologize for ever, at sometime in my life, using ‘you know’ to end a sentence. I know that you do not know and that I should just finish my freaking sentence.


Random thoughts for today

I really don’t understand mall walkers. Why don’t they get out and enjoy the great outdoors? This would only happen in America. We’re the only place with enough space for a LONG mall. Elsewhere one might get a hella workout running up and down steps.

Poor Barry Zito. He pitched too much on Sunday (106 pitches) and didn’t even get to pick up the win (Foulke did). Dangit. So, they wouldn’t let him pitch in the All Star game. Clemens did instead. I’m shaking my head in disgust. However, I don’t need Zito hurt either.

Rasho Nesterovic is going south. San Antonio picked him up as a replacement for retiring David “The Admiral” Robinson. No more Minnesota winters for Rasho, but I’ll miss you Admiral.


And my favorite person today is…

This is a big shout out to Tony. Yea, I don’t really know him, but I do know that he helped me fix the last major problem with this site–related to browser compatibility. So, for all you wretched people who insist on using IE, it should look OK now.

Oh, and visit Tony’s sites — and Say thanks for me if you happen to run into him.

Favs Rant

Will it ever stop?

Has anyone besides me noticed the absolutely out-of-control amount of random ‘likes’ thrown at random intervals into most persons’ conversations? Everything is ‘like’ this and ‘like’ that. People go to the ‘like’ supermarket and the ‘like’ mall. These places must be in the valley because I have never been to any such ‘like’ locations.

Ok, I’m not go to sit here on my pedestal of a computer chair pointing my finger of shame at everyone else. I must admit that I used to stumble in this grammatical pitfall. I disgusted myself. But, I have kicked the habit– and I think a grassroots campaign to extinguish the errant use of ‘likes’ is in order.

Can’t we all just learn to say what we really mean without having to soften it with a ‘like’? Repeat after me: ‘I am an intelligent, confident person who does not need to mask my words in the guise of a simile. I will not scatter ‘likes’ in my vocabulary in non-customary positions. I like myself — not like like myself’.

Now if I could just find a co-founder for my grassroots organization…

Top Five

Most Useful Classes

So, you’re wondering what classes will be most useful for you at college? What should you take? Well, look no further. I’ve done all of the hard work (i.e. took the classes) and now present my top five list of the most useful classes as judged by each one’s contribution to my Jeopardy knowledge:

  1. Theatre Appreciation – THEA 100 – I know, this one surprised me too, but you can never underestimate knowing the classics.
  2. Introduction to Literature – ENGL 210 – Questions about the Beat poets and “The Mending Wall” pop up all the time.
  3. Seminar in Political Economy – ECON 444 – Nothing can beat knowing the history of many different countries and reading The Communist Manifesto as well as writings by Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek among others.
  4. Governments of the World – POLS 141 – Governments, governments, governments
  5. Personal Health – HLTH 103 – Just one phrase, ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’


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