Data Gathering

Now that my bike computer features an inclinometer, I can’t help but have a sick fascination with seeing it tick upwards. The miles I’ve put on my bike have been ridiculously low since the Copper Triangle, hovering around maybe 75 miles per week, but I finally headed out for a solid 50-miler on my favorite loop last Sunday. Of course, that loop includes a trip up Rist Canyon, prime territory for a rising inclinometer reading. Rist didn’t disappoint. The numbers:

Distance: 49.92 mi
Time: 3:38
Avg. speed: 13.6 mph
Max. speed: 46.6 mph
Total elevation gain: 3955 ft
Max incline: 21%

The last couple miles are super steep — my computer didn’t tick below 9% much preferring to stay in numbers like 9, 12, and 14. On the steepest section of all, I saw it hit 24% before settling on 21%. Fun times. I love that in the warped world of Rist, a 5% incline can be considered a “rest.” Hearing gunshots near the road was a nice kick in the pants to get up the last mile as quickly as possible. (Is it hunting season? What the hell?). Man, I do so love to climb.

There’s wasn’t much else of note the rest of the way home, other than getting honked at by an SUV somewhere near Horsetooth Park as I was kicking it around 20mph. I hereby apologize for delaying that car by 3 seconds in my attempt to save my own arse from a gravel-y meeting with the pavement.