Shoe Deathmatch

Shoe Deathmatch 2005: A New Summer Series

My shoe collection is once again out of hand. How out of hand you ask? If I told you I own roughly 48 pairs of shoes, would that be out of hand? Here’s part of my collection as it stands today. This does not include several pairs of running shoes.

my shoe collection

Given my problem, I’ve decided to have a good old-fashioned deathmatch whereby each week (for as long as I decide to do this) two pairs of shoes battle to the death. The winner stays in my closet, and the loser dies an ugly, horrible death, also known as the “Good Samaritan Store.”

shoe battle numero uno

For our first match we have the boring working class shoes. The not-so-trendy-but-comfortable brown Eastlands, against the worn once navy Nurtures. Be as superficial as you want, tell me which one needs to go. In the future, I’m going to try to set up an official ballot box of sorts, but for now, put your votes in the comments.

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Eastlands vs. Nurtures?
Well besides the comment that the brown ones are comfortable (the way I decide to get/keep shoes) I could just see them being used with some sort of pseudo schoolgirl outfit. I don’t know if this would be an actual use for them, but they could seemingly be worn with Jeans as well.

The Eastland’s would be my vote to keep and you should honor them with a nickname …

But on a larger issue .. do you really think that you should be taking fashion advice from the general internet audience and more particularly myself?

Although I would come back to see video of you packing the insides of your shoes with high explosives and detonating them … that would just fucking rule.

I love love love the Eastlands–the blue ones have to go. The Eastlands just look so much more comfortable and versatile. The blue ones just don’t have any spark to me. 🙂

The brown ones look like a highschooler’s shoes, back in the nineties (no offense). The blue ones are at least a little more sophisticated looking. But hey, this was posted a while ago and so you may have already gotten rid of the blue ones. In that case, the brown ones are nice too.

Well, as I had few votes and my vote counts for at least 20, I ended up getting rid of the brown ones a couple weeks ago. I still have the blue ones and am trying to decide if they’re worth keeping.

And then I proceeded to throw all the shoes I didn’t like into the donation bag, which means, unfortunately, no more shoe death matches. I donated 6-8 pairs to charity and threw away another 7 pairs.

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