Random life notes

I’ve decided the most annoying drivers on the road are the slow-turners and the slow-greenlight-goers. Unless a turn is way more than ninety degrees or the road is covered in ice, one can turn at faster than a 2mph pace. Also, if I’m the third car at a stop light, I should make it across the intersection *before* the light turns yellow. Green means go, people.

Dear people at the fitness center: The sign that says please wipe off machines after you use them applies to everyone. Yes, even you.

The CD of the hour is Keane Hopes and Fears. The Keane CD officially replaces Gavin DeGraw. Damien Rice’s O might have a chance at replacing Keane — but that won’t happen until I find the CD for less than $16. I refuse to pay that much for a CD. Darn RIAA.

I’m headed home for Thanksgiving. I’ll be back in a few days.

3 replies on “Random life notes”

I am a fan of the “eventual left” .. The blinking light that been burining since they turned out of thier driveway.

Can you not see the flashing light on the dashboard? Was the clicking not enough of a clue?

Never mind trying to give this clueless waste of oxygen a hand signal to tell them that thier blinker is on and has been for 3 miles, they will just look at you as if you had 3 heads.

This reminds me I need to get working on my commercial use spike strip for just such an occasion.

And Nicole, are you telling us you DON’T enjoy wading in a puddle of someone else’s raunchy ass-sweat?

pfffttt .. what are you .. some sort of germ-a-phobe?? Jeez!!

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