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Music and Mechanics

I’m weird, and I’m the first to admit it.

Today, upon getting back my car after having it in the shop for some routine maintenance, I noticed my radio had been shut off. Apparently, my mechanic doesn’t like bluegrass. However, I distinctly remember the mixed alt/rock CD my sister gave to me still being on play after my last oil change. But, before that my mixed pop crap CD was off.

Of course, the radio being turned off after a car has been in to the shop is very common. I’m just curious if it’s the music that causes it to be shut off, or radios are usually shut off. Any mechanics out there who can confirm?

Now, I wonder what I should leave for the technicians next time…of course, let’s hope that’s a fair distance in the future.

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I once had all my presets erased after a trip to the shop. I took this to mean that the power to it had been interrupted.

I found your site doing a search for my wife’s name, “nicole”. I happen to be a mechanic. I always turn the radios and air conditioners off when I’m pulling a car into the shop so I can be more attentive. I’d hate to run over a co workers tool box or even a co worker (well, Some) and not hear the cries to stop. Also, sometimes we need to hear the car in order to diag it.especially if it’s an undercarriage noise. Hope it helps. Adam

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