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I hate PDFs. A lot. It seems as though everyone uses the PDF file type to allow themselves to create obnoxiously large documents. Would they make a normal web page or Word document that large? No. But apparently PDFs give free reign to make large files — which ARE NOT COOL. I have broadband, and I hate their files. Please think about the poor chap trying to access the information through dial-up.

Next, I hate the software. Can’t Adobe release just a viewer that doesn’t need to sit there and load APIs for thirty seconds or check for updates when all I want to do is look at the freakin’ document? And four out of five times it will crash my browser before I ever actually get to look at the document. (How about a light footprint?) The document download time is negligible at this point.

Tonight I happened upon a PDF that required Adobe Reader 6.0 to view it. I, of course, had 5.0 on my system. I’ll go grab a quick update. Yeah right. The program is 15 megs! Fifteen megs to view a stupid file. After I watched grass grow and paint peel for awhile, it had finally downloaded itself. Then it took about five minutes to “recompose” itself. (What the hell is “recomposing”?). Then, it took another five minutes to install itself. I had seen on the Adobe website that it was critical to upgrade to 6.0.2. So, another 5 minutes later I finally had Adobe Reader updated.

Did I tell you about the part where it closed (without asking) all of my open applications except Wordpad after it installed itself? That was nice. Another nice touch was automatically adding its icon to my desktop and itself to the quick list of programs in my Start menu. DELETED and DELETED. In the process, it managed to mess up my Firefox profile. Let me put my life on hold for another three minutes while I reboot.

I really hope this catches on.

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Correction: the executable is 15 megs. Installed (with upgrade), Reader 6.0 is over 50 megs. WTF?! It’s just to view friggin’ files, it doesn’t need to be that big. Can you say “bloatware”?

(Reader 5.0 was only just over 15 MB).

send me the file
i’m curious to see how long it takes on my mac
apple has a program called preview that in my experience has been very fast openning pdfs

okay, it took about 4 seconds to open the file, this included the time it took to start Preview.

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