Economics or Bust

It simply amazes me how many people do not understand simple economics. I think every person should have to take an economics course before being able to register to vote. Even better, they should have to also take a political economy course. I guess I’m just a frustrated economics geek. Speaking of geeks, has the coolest travel mug emblazoned with the saying “No I Will Not Fix Your Computer.” I need one of those, or better yet, one that says “No I Will Not Create A Website For You For Free.” Just because I know HTML doesn’t mean I’m into pro bono work. I’m one of those capitalist pigs.

On a different note, I think I’ve found a webhost for my future site, For a very minimal monthly payment, I can get all of the features I want (read: JSP – may not ever incorporate it in my site, but I’d like to leave the option open). I will probably also put my parents’ business site there as well. I would reveal the host’s name, but why endorse them or give them advertising until I’ve tried it out? I don’t need the one person who may visit my site in the next month, reading the name and being mad at me when it doesn’t work out.